Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Streuth, McDonalds Stole Mah Baybee

In May, this year, I did a YouTube video on my 'secret recipe' Bacon and Egg Muffin. This can be viewed HERE. Warning, contains rude words like: fuck, and shit.

I actually hadn't found anyone else who puts tomato and BBQ sauce on the muffin ... until now.

Told ya's it was good. Haven't tried their version yet, but might on Friday. Hope some fucker didn't get a bonus for that idea. Still using shit cheese but...


  1. Oh hell yeah, tomato & BBQ sauce is great

  2. Slow fry some onion to SOFTEN and caramelize. Just don't tell FARKEN McDonalds.

  3. That's big companies for you-always screwing the little guy.

    You won't see that particular variant sold here in the land of the Septic. But it doesn't look too bad. Certainly better than the blah MK1 Mod 0 Eggamuffin we have.

  4. Hmm. Funny you should speak of the Golden Arches. Check these out.


  5. But can you beat them on price?

  6. Bang. For you my friend I have the DEAL of the century. First one free, then you must buy five ... or I breaka yer legs...

    YDog, Ha, yeah cool. IT's cool how they change their menu around the joint.

  7. When they start home delivering, I reckon we should order a shitload of the things and have them sent to JB's place. Seeing as he loves tomatos on his toasties so much.

    Har har har har har!

  8. Adam ... ADAM???

    If it is, welcome back brother.



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