Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Anarchists Cookbook and The Terrorists Handbook

Amazing how times have changed. Should start by saying, I don't have them, and I reckon these days even talking about them probably lines you up for 'a knock on the door'. Just because they're paranoid it doesn't mean they don't have badges, or pliers.

Apparently 'TAC' was written in '71 by a bloke that opposed the Vietnam war. Funny way of showing it, it seems, but turns out he had some sorta of conscience flap that prompted him later to try and get it removed from circulation ... too late...

The Terrorists Handbook - now renamed to The Big Book of Mischief (TBBOM) - sorta came across as the companion book to 'TAC' in the late 80's. Both then, were about making fireworks and smoke bombs for the young and stupid. Obviously now, both have taken on a vastly more threatening and insidious meaning. Years and years ago a school friend printed off the 'TAC' and the joy lasted about an hour because we were smart enough to acknowledge how useful our hands and eyesight actually was. Losing both those would obviously be less than welcome, but still, it was an interesting read.

These days even writing this I'm half expecting a maverick missile to come out of the blue and delete me. Again, funny - in a really sad sort of way - the world has changed for the worse.

Much like I have the SAS Survival Handbook - must buy - on the shelf I would REALLY like these two on the shelf for the same reason I'd like The Zombie Survival Guide and a tin of Tactical Bacon sitting right beside them. There's another one that I'll probably leave unnamed that I don't speak the language of that would be collectable. I guess this raises the question of legality. Anyone know if they would be illegal to import for the purpose of collecting?.


  1. Important ability that, counting to ten.

  2. ...twenty, if you can be bothered removing your boots.

  3. I honestly don't know. I've ordered a few home chemistry texts and supplies online and the only time I've ever had a follow up call from the Federal police was when I ordered a batch of Agar gel to make culture plates.

    Admittedly it was a big amount of agar but if it costs the same to order 1kg as 50 why wouldn't you order 50.

    Which is pretty much what I told the Federal officer making the inquiry and she seemed to accept that. At least I haven't heard anything else since and there hasn't been any knock on the door.

  4. Wondering if it's worth a phone call...

    Read about a bloke that what charged with possession of the 'unnamed one' by the United States of America while a guest at their resort in Cuba. So, might leave that one alone.


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