Thursday, 30 September 2010

Video Blog. (coarse language, surprisingly)


  1. Funny as Fuck!
    Your vlog, not the car problems I mean...
    Um, its a Holden isn't it ? **ducks and runs**
    Seriously, could be several things. Fuel pump is a possibility, more likely electronic ignition module or something similar.
    I'd say take it to a decent mech or auto sparky, one with a diagnostic setup that can plug into the cars ecu. If you're lucky, they'll tell you straight away what needs replacing/fixing.
    Painful I know, but nothing worse than intermittent fucken dying on ya, right?

  2. An engine needs spark, fuel and air. Spark can be disrupted by the distributor/coil, wires and plugs and possibly the ECU. Fuel can be buggered up by the main line, the return line, the pump or the tank. Is the gas cap really tight? Possibly vacuum lock. There could be water in the tank; run it as low as you can and drain it to see what comes out. As far as air goes, I suppose if the ECU controls the injectors, it might be restricting the air jets.

  3. Drej, Thank you, and cheers!. I've gotta bite the bullet and get it done, I know.

    Thanks Doug, yeah process of elimination fo sho. I chemically flushed the jets awhile back. I'll make a list and do a run round for a double check.

  4. Can I suggest a jerry can of petrol and a match?

  5. Considered it. Trust me.

  6. Excellent work particularly the ending mate.

    Two things. When it won't start, does it turn over or is there just fuck all of nothing? Could tell the story whether it's lack of fuel or lack of electrickery.

    Secondly, and particularly for Drej the #fordstooge among us - problem my old man had with his AU Falcon (same vintage as your VT), when he filled it right up it caused a vapour lock similar to what Doug is talking about and the thing would run rough as guts misfiring its arse off and occasionally not starting until the fuel level burnt off a bit. He went through all the shit you're talking about - fuel filter, spark plugs, looked at having the fuel tank replaced (would have cost megabucks) - so the question is, does the shithouse running/nonstarting correlate with fuel level? Of course if its the opposite, running shit when fuel is low, that'd suggest there is crap in the fuel tank which might be sloshing around and intermittently blocking fuel hoses even before it gets to the filter.

  7. I don't know anything about cars. Sorry! I only know how to change the oil and give it a tune up.

    I tried counting how many times you said "fuck", but lost count at 1,453.. hahahahaha

    I LOVED this video. It's awesome to see and hear the man behind the scathingly biting blog entries.

    Still think you're the shit. Even more so now.. :p

  8. lol I know, I'm a shocker. Fuck 'em. Check out my YouTube channel through that vid. I've got all sorts of random shit in there. lol Thank you for watching.

    Funnily enough, Doc, the sparkies getting a changed might've helped. Dunno...


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