Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bin Laden's Explanation..

Had - well, having - and interesting conversation with Jen on Twitter about 9/11. I made the comment after some conversation about her feelings about it all as to whether she's ever heard of Osama Bin Laden's "Letter To America". She hadn't, as I reckon most on our side of the paddock haven't. This an ACTUAL letter to the American people from Bin Laden himself about why it happened.

It seems to me that the attack on 9/11 has been sold to our side as another Pearl Harbor. Meaning, an instigating act of aggression. Now, don't get me wrong, I get tears at the footage and stories. It's horrific and terrifying at what these people went through and I can't imagine the horror. I've heard the phone calls as the building collapsed, I've seen the bodies falling and leaping from 90 floors up, I've heard them hit the ground. I'm getting lumpy in the throat just thinking about it.

One of the other travesty's that comes from 9/11 is the obvious smoke cloud from our governments as to why it actually happened. Not many people know that Osama Bin Laden wrote his "Letter To America" about why, in his mind, it happened. To me it doesn't justify the attack, but gives it reason, from their point of view.

Of course, if you share this stuff, you are anti-American. Jen herself is scared of linking - and even reading that letter - as she was afraid of the consequences. Interesting that they made people afraid of learning about our "enemies".


  1. It's true. I felt uncomfortable the whole time I read the letter. I do very much feel like Big Brother is watching.

    And not the TV show.

  2. I guess its not surprising that a British Newspaper like the guardian would publish such a letter before an American newspaper.

    I feel sorry for people like Jen who live is such a situation that they have to worry about being seen to read such a letter.

    Like you I don't believe it justifies the attacks on the World Trade Towers. But I think its a mistake not to try and understand the mind of the man who orchestrated the attacks. What ever happened to know your enemy?

  3. Dunno mate. Scary stuff though. The media stuff blows my mind. There's the current OUT CRY about the burning of the Koran - that's postponed - and justifiably so. But, I can show you footage - which I won't, it's fucken horrible - of Muslims burning Christians alive in the Sudan. Why the contradiction?. Go to YouTube and search "Bible Burning". There's hundreds of vids of it. Why the double standard?.

    Fuck we're weird.

  4. No, most over here haven't read it in full although it was in the news and we brushed it aside. Why on earth would we read the whole fucking train wreck?. Have you read Mein Kampf lately Moko? Didn't think so.

    Merry fucking 911 you cunt.


  5. Interesting reaction. Not surprised, unfortunately.

  6. ...oh, and thanks, you too.



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