Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Delhi, and Terrorism

Young Dani Samuels an Australian plate chucker pulled out of the games in the last few hours over her very real fears for her safety. Sleepness nights, and dread etc, then her games suit arrived in the post and she couldn't even open it. Obviously it's the right decision for her. Just ain't worth the stress, even if there turns out to be no incident, and obviously you pray there isn't, but it seems - and rightfully so - the spraying IN DELHI of a tourist bus was enough to make her mind up. Thing is, many are calling it a win for terrorism. Interestingly enough none of these people who are saying this are going to the games.


  1. Kiwis want to go home, but that's because their digs were still a building site smeared with the shit of the labourers who were living on site and supposed to be finishing the fucker off.

    Right now India is looking pretty fucking embarrassed vis a vis the Other Developing Superpower over the neighbouring hills, who managed an Olympics (not a pissy little Commie Games) without any of this shit.

  2. I admit it seems weird when talking about a persons decision to pull out of a sporting event to talk about 'wins' for terrorism.

    I don't know if I'd be going given the current situation. Mind you tha would require me to get off my arse and achieve a decent standard in a sport.

    My sympathiese go out to this disscus thrower who has been training for years and now has to give this up.

  3. Doc, yeah, been reading about that. Think a few other teams that walked in after the kiwi's went, "FARRRRK MOIEEEE", as well.

    B, yeah, been a hard one on her I think. Don't think she'll be the last.


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