Monday, 27 September 2010

White people, and Australian Media

I echoed a point GirlClumsy made in regards to the latest tourism Queensland with the new slogan "Queensland, Where Australia Shines". I actually think it's a very good slogan, BUT, agree with GC in regards to Qld being more than just FKN beaches. The advertising images also feature more great looking young people running on the beach. In my comment on I made that point, but included 'more white people' where they edited out the 'white' part. We do know there's FAR more to this country than Caucasians, eh?.

Interesting piece of editing, if you ask me. It actually have been aware of Australian media's allergy to anything non-white. I used to live with a chick that had Indigenous, Torres, Pacific Island lineage. Her nieces and nephews used to come around on occasion and plonk themselves in front of the box. Interestingly enough, there's NO mainstream tele aimed at non-Caucasians.

I really don't have an opinion, but I'm sure someone will read this that has a better idea than me of why this is the case. Next time you're watching mainstream tele take note of what cultures feature in Australian made media. Judge for yourself.


  1. I don't have a prob with Qld advertising its point of difference over the other states. Qld has cultural stuff but you wouldn't go to Brisbane over Melbourne or Sydney because of its museums or theatre - you just wouldn't. Same way you wouldn't pick Melbourne for a beach holiday over the Goldie. There's no cultural cringe there, some places are just better at doing certain stuff than others. Weather's shit in Melbourne so stay inside and do arty shit. Weather's oarsome in Brisbane so sit out in beer gardens getting on the turps.

    As for News Very Ltd editing your post, that's fucked. That's misrepresenting your views in a way you can't correct.

    Anyway it's better than the outfall at Bondi Beach. Where Australia shites.

  2. I love Auzzi and lived in Melbourne for a while, but I just cant stomach the policies and racism over there.
    It is great to see people questioning the media in their treatment of people.
    Thanks for highlighting this

  3. Dunno if I'd go so far as calling it racism. Clearly you subscribe to the 'knee-jerk' definition of the word when we really don't know if there's a conscious effort at excluding various races BECAUSE of some perceived inequality. I don't believe that's the case.

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  6. Fuck it, let's just do that.


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