Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The secret ingredient of life....

I have acknowledge Birmo in his latest Blunty episode for the inspiration, but...

When did we all realise the secret ingredient in the Cake Of Life was actually shit?.



  1. I have never been able to understand why those that believe in a wonderful afterlife don't just top themselves and get out of this hellhole called life!

    I eat from the shit cake of life becuase the alternative is kind of permanent.

  2. Cause there's that clause in the God Book that damns you to hell for pulling the eject handle.

  3. I saw a bumper sticker today on a Ford that said, "Don't be treasure's in heaven."

    Silly American. Who thinks a Ford is a treasure?

  4. I must confess to ingnorance on that point - I always believed it was liquor

  5. It explains a lot of expressions:

    "He's full of shit"

    "She's shit-hot"

    "Shits and giggles"

    "Don't give me shit"

    Etcetera, etcetera....

  6. And let's not forget:

    "Eat shit and die!"

    A life motto, really.

  7. I think the cake of life has both ingrediants. shit and liquor.

    How else are we expected to tolerate life???

    Shitfaced, and legless.. mmmmmmm way to go..

  8. GC - sounds more dietary advice to me, like the government warnings on ciggy packets

    More worried about people eating piss cakes. I mean they might fall into the urinal trying to get hold of them, and drown.

    Mate of mine saw a guy doing sidestroke in The Facilities one sketchy night at the UNSW uni bar - but less said about that the better.

  9. The whole 'shit cake of life' thing is best forgotten about. Having another head cold baying at the door I heartily recommend the use of OP rum to drown the cake.
    Best. Ever. Cold. Medicine.

  10. Life is a shit sandwich and every day i take another bite


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