Monday, 19 January 2009

What's the significance of Lincoln?

I keep hearing links between Lincoln and Obama. What's the dealio?.

To me it sounds like the media have odds on an assassination...

Is that what it is?.


  1. I'm taking a punt that Lincoln was the President during the Civil War who brought unity to the nation by stopping Southern Succession and by the Abolition of Slavery.

    In Obama many would see that a man of African racial descent (though not a descendant of a slave) has an opportunity to re-unify the different racial tensions that have permeated through US history. Many hope that he, like Lincoln will help renew the nation and keep it the land of the free and the home of the brave. Even the symbolism of his bi-racial descent helps.

    But, I'm not an American, nor am I well informed about current affairs - so sorry if i'm completely off track or causing inadvertent offence

  2. I don't dude because Honest Abe had a black mistress and gave his wife Syphilis which was supposed to of made her go insane and get institutionalized--that has been the running rumor for years (see article below for some context of this), so if I was Obama I don't know if I'd like the comparison, you know?

  3. *know* goes in between don't and dude (Sorry I think I have grammar issues (followed me from JS) geez

  4. Lincoln came to Obama to advise him..

    "Go to the theatre.."

    sorry..couldn't resist..I voted for the other guy because something about Obama doesn't agree with me..not that he's black,but because he's a democrat..he seems like he's out to win "hearts and minds"..and then BOOM..down comes the hammer and "Change" happens..taxes and other stuff.

    Remember who else promoted "Change"..
    Guy named Adolf.and he got change didn't he?

  5. Lermontov has it mostly correct.

    Also, both presidents hailed from Illinois and were relative political unknowns.

    We'll see how effective Mr Obama will be. Certainly he'll not be able to do all the change he wants to do. I'll be doing my part at this Inauguration, just like at the last five or six of them-working. Helping to keep the nation's economy going.

  6. me see. OH, I know. they are both AMERICAN. Sorry mate, not my line of work that one.

  7. What Lerm and Yankeedog said...there's also hope that he'll unite a country divided over political tensions in much the same way Lincolnn did.

    He's compared to Lincoln but also JFK and FDR for his charisma and the hope that he can bring us out of this enormous financial crisis that Bush drove us in.

  8. I don't get why they have to compare anyone to another person, It would be nice to let the man be himself...with all the controversay I think it would be a nice change

  9. Obama is from Illinois, the state that contains Chicago. Illinois tag line is "Land of Lincoln". Media may have overplayed this card as this point...but there ya go. In fact Media may have overplayed every aspect of this...but I'm having a great time watching it happen.

  10. Yes, Lincoln was from Illinois too.

  11. Thanks guys, all too many to take on individually...especially 0020 in the morning, but ya's all make alot of sense. Cheers.

    The thing I feel for Obama - exactly what you said K - is that he'll never be Obama alone. I guess he has to forge his on path or something but there will always be that flag carrying for so many expectations.

  12. Yep lerm and YD have it right but I had to laugh at the theatre joke..

    K the problem is that the politcal analysts have to do their job that is why the produce so much crap. Thats why peopl should read my analysis it's much more realistic!

  13. My take on it is that people expect Obama to unify the country. He's a very good orator. In 4 years will he have walked his talk?

  14. You know, I've not liked President Shrub for a VERY long time but I've never wished or even joked about wanting an assasination of him. Actually, considering his 2nd in command, I've activley feared it. Not saying that you are saying this, Moko, but damn, some of your commentators are feeling rather cranky today.
    I live in Chicago and the city is on a contact high today. Almost enough to make us forget that we live in Chicago in January, haha!
    There are comparisons to be made but I think at least some of it has to do with an overly-romaticised legend of Lincoln. Obama will make his own mark and I think it will be a good one. :)

  15. Well, if you ignore AK invoking Godwin's Law about Hitler, everyone above is right, in that most of the hope surrounding him is the potential for unifying this country and getting us through what is turning out to be disastrous times.


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