Friday, 23 January 2009

Batmans Gay Room Mate

The fella that does these is young. Top end of mid teens I think...16 or 17. Quiet genius. All his stuff is stop animation with lego. The Darth Vader series is gold. Better than Robot Chicken doing Star Wars.

[edit] My bad, this is the young dude who does Star Wars. Check 'em out, he's funny as. Young, too.


  1. eh I still prefer Robot Chicken Star Wars.

    however the one I really like is the one with Eddie Izzard

  2. This is so fucking cool (except for the fact that robin/nightwing is my hero)- now i have a new youtube channel

  3. Whats that old joke?

    "Wheres my cockrobin ?"
    "Up my arse Batman!"

  4. I'm freaking impressed with this.. It was freaking awesome!

  5. I think it was a D Generation skit I remember: Batman and Robin have a conversation while climbing the bat rope up a building, Robin at the rear. At the end, Batman says "Not so close, Boy Wonder".

    Robin's response is "Holy latent homosexuality, Batman!".

    I don't remember if it was part of a sequence with other gems - but obviously all in theme with the very camp Adam West series of course.


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