Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Ok Kiddies...shush....short film time.

I found some short movie stuff. So occasionally I'll post the one I like. I'll try and link them in the right somehow so you can come back when you've got some quiet time. But make sure you watch them, they'll be something special.

First one up is about - TO ME - the commercialisation of a certain event.

Rare Exports Inc. (best viewed in full screen - click the box on the player menu bar)


  1. Ahhh screw it. Not gonna stress about the overlay. It's widescreen, after all.

  2. Magic!

    I want a Feral Father Christmas to set loose in the local shopping centre. He'd sort out those bloody feral children that infest the shopping centres every holidays.

  3. Those big Father Christmases they have in Finland are tough-and mean.

    Some of the wimpy Santas we have around here can be lured with a couple of shots of cheap whiskey, boxed up, and sent off to Mexico or China. No sport in that, now, is there?

  4. Only just noticed – there’s a second part.

  5. Yes there is. That was coming LATER. sheesh.


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