Sunday, 18 January 2009

Anal Bleaching...?

There's funny story involving an employer whose drew the lucky straw of being HIS boss' secret Santa over Xmas. Said employer made the mistake of asking a co-worker of mine what he thought he should get HIS boss.

The co-worker thought about it for about 0.065 seconds then quirked with the reply, "Well, the new day spa just opened up and I hear they have a special on anal bleaching......".

The boss did a fantastic impression of a ripe tomato and walked off. Funny as hell, and many a tear shed in hysterics. After uncontrolled screeching laughter settled I questioned, "Why would you bleach your arsehole?".

The answer is fairly obvious but rather perplexing.

'Somehow you've come to the conclusion that you don't quite like the shade of your arsehole'.

Next question: 'How did you come to that conclusion?'.

And: 'Who sees alot of your arsehole to care?'.

And: 'How do you pluck up the courage to enter an establishment and say, "I would like my arsehole bleached please"?.

And the thing is, it's not an on-call for porno movie sets. This is a day spa in a shopping center!. It really boggles my mind.

Anyway, have a nice day all.


  1. What if you're a redhead and want to match the drapes? Would you get a fireass then? How frightened would you be to go home with someone to find they have a baboon's ass?

    Sorry this terrible...yet I'm cracking myself up.

  2. ROL, maybe washing your ass regularly is a thought?

  3. People will spend their money on anything these days.

  4. Arse-bleaching. Right.

    No. Not right at all. Wrong. Deeply, intimately wrong. Wrong in a way I lack words to convey. Wrong in a fashion which may well haunt my nightmares in years to come. And leaving me with the same desperate question as everyone else in this place. Why? Oh, Cthulhu, why?

  5. I remember reading a question asking why amature assholes were brown and pros were pink. The answer given was "makeup", but obviously the editor got it all wrong.

  6. lmao thank god my arsehole is nice and pink.


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