Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Screw this fricken exercise shit

Ok, confession time. I'm 108 kilos (210lbs or something). I like being in the 80's. That means I've got 20 kilos (40 lbs) to lose. SIGH.

We've got a gym - I should show ya's. But I'm concentrating on the exercise side of things (no weights yet). I'm doing 45 mins in the gym and 30 minutes of that is sweating. I'm hoping that's enough. On my two days off I do it twice a day.

My calves HATE ME.

Plus I've knocked alot of the extra food on the head. It's hardest at work. I get free food -pasta's, garlic bread, steak sandwiches, cappuccino's, subway, KFC, coke etc - from work. That has been my downfall.

The hardest part was saying ciao to the subway cookies. I love cookies. Cookies love me.

But it's good being conscious of what is going down my cake hole.





  1. Go the markets for your fruit lovey! It is fracking dear at the supermarket. I lost all my weight *used to be size 14* by not drinking coke and limiting spirits. Walking everyday with a pair of weights in your hand will build strength and drop the pounds...oh yeah and the sweating will be your friend. Try not to think about it too much...just like Nike, do it everyday and eventually you will see the results. Once the habit kicks in you'll be dying to do it...and believe me this is coming from someone that didn't get off her arse for 39 years. OK..enough bloody waxing lyrical...where's me remote?

  2. Just commenting to let you know I came, after the hint links on my page I figured I could make one to at least stalk you. ;)

  3. 'Bout fricken time. Jesus, was beginning to think I needed to write the address on a bat and smack you with it.

    Nat!. I've had like two years of being silly with the food. Before security I stacked pallets in a factory with bags of 25kgs of stuff. I miss being that fit. Thanks heaps for stopping in. I've missed ya heaps.

  4. LMFAO okay, your fruit rant made me laugh. I can totally sympathize with this entire entry from start to finish.

    I once weighed 200lbs, and finally decided enough was enough. I started to work out and went on a no carb diet. The diet worked, but the working out is something I fucked dreaded. It took a lot to get me off my fat ass to work up a bit of sweat. It did get to the point where I got used to it, and once I saw my tummy get flatter, I wanted to do it more. I became addicted. I lost 80lbs.

    Now.. well.. the fucking holidays ruined me, man! *cries* I'm a blimp. Fly me overhead with a sign on my ass.

    I need to start up the exercise routine again. I did stop when I got my last bout of blood clots in my legs. It's killing me, man. I don't want to start! lol I've been telling myself for three days that I was going to work out. Have I done it? Fuck no, I've been eating Hershey kisses instead lmao

    Hey, wanna be workout partners?? ha!

    By the way, hit up a local produce market. The prices are uber cheap compared to the supermarket. There is one here that is majorly kick ass. I love this place!

  5. You know, on the random note. One thing I've learned over time that keeps me on track, not eating junk food and all the shit is I drink a hell of a lot of water, coffee and tea. Stops me from eating junkfood.

    Fruit is more expensive off season. You could try buying a lot of it when it's in season and canning or freezing it, but you don't get as much out of it that way.

    On the other note, it's easier if you hit the gym or even your own home gym if you (or at least I) do it the morning and just get it over with.

    The brick with the address on it you threw in my window wasn't enough.

    A few other people had to come by and do it, too.

    By the way,
    the word verification shit is ANNOYING.

  6. Well, first, you don't lose 40 lbs. You take them down 5 or so lbs at a time. Make the goal manageable.

    And yes, all of that stuff from work adds up, unfortunately. Definitely hit the fresh food as you can and up the exercise. You don't have to train like you're going into the SAS-but even simple things like parking farther away from the door and walking the extra few steps helps.

    Good luck!

  7. SD ~ Of course I'd LOVE to your work out partner. It's SO easy to put weight on, you'd hope it was the same the other way. But NO. Bastards. God let the team down there. Yeah we're gonna need to figure something out regarding the fruit. Coming up to apple season too...

    Morph ~ I fucken hate word verifying too. Didn't know mine did it. I'll try and fix that. I'm actually enjoying the gym. I don't have too much of a drama walking in there. Might be different when I'm around the weight I wanna be.

    Soz about the brick. Got excited.

  8. Dashboard page... click on settings.. then choose comments. You can turn off the verification there.

  9. well have you considered crack or meth?

  10. Speed, yes, lol I have.

    SD ~ Should be done, now.

  11. Moko -- short sessions frequently, if you can. Even a twenty minute cardio workout is good. If you bring up your metabolic rate, it stays that way for some time afterward, so there's more "metabolic profit" in two half-hour sessions than in one full hour.

    Second thing: fuck off the three meals a day. Get a decent breakfast, and then snack significantly every couple of hours. It's the same story: you're trying to rev your metabolism and keep it revved, so you don't want your blood sugar spiking and falling. You want to keep it even. Regular moderate intake.

    Glycaemic index is a good thing to take into account. Fruit isn't always good, because if it's got a lot of readily absorbed sugars, it can spike your blood sugar.

    Gotta run. SOmeone's arrived.

  12. Thanks Capt. Much appreciated.

  13. I think they are automatically set up to do it unless you turn them off? So far, everyones journal I've been too sans one has that word verification thing. Fucking annoying shit.

  14. I was going to say pretty much what FH did, watch the fruit it's full of natural sugars.

    The easy answer is just do what I normally do, eat crap and run and run and run and run and run and run. I would rather do the exercise than give up Subway cookies.

  15. Oh I am so with you, Moko. It's so easy to be bad at work when surrounded by pop and sweets!

    I'm finding that instead of focusing on what NOT to eat, I just have a list of things I have to eat FIRST before I go the way of the sweets...so ideally if I reach my goal servings of water, fruit, veggies and protein a day, then I don't really have room for the sweets.

    I've only been focusing on that for the last two days though, I'll let you know if it really works in a few weeks time! :D

    I'm up for joining some kind of buddy system to keep us in check with our working out and such!

  16. Oh, and it's hard to do this in the snow but when the weather's warmer I make a point to take my dog for a super long walk at least twice a week. And I don't count that as my daily exercise so it's just kind of bonus calories burned. And it actually gives you energy for your workout, I've found.

  17. HA HA HA sorry just nice to know I'm not the only one who's gotta spend some time re-adjusting calory and exercise-wise.

    Need to lose 8 kgs over the next 4-6 months...so thats going to work out to be swimming at least twice a week (min 500m each session) plus 2 gym sessions.....and maybe some running..

  18. I don't dare say anything - I am sure that i am carrying around lots of extra handles at the moment.

  19. JeeeZ! Take away his Coke and KFC and he gets all GRUMPY!

  20. I had a thing where i was going to lose as much weight as i could over christmas. SO 1 week of everyday at least 2 hours on the bike. and i put on 3 kgs. and it wasn't muscle I looked.
    weight loss is for chumps.

  21. thats why i've started planting fruit trees and am not stopping till i run outa room.

  22. Beeso ~ Hey!, thanks for stopping in. Yeah I'd love some fruit trees. We're gonna grow our own garden this year.

    U ~ lol Hate that. I've going flat out for 3 days and nadda. I know, I know, it takes time. But fuck it, gimme change. lol.

    Al ~ It's weird how you crave it.

    Bob ~ It's rare not to I think.

    Chaz ~ It's fairly doable to knock over a kilo a week if ya keep it up. Good luck!, let me know how ya go.

    Jenn ~ I'm trying to think of good things to fill my guts with so I'm not tempted at work. Variety is the drama. lol.

    Naut ~ Yeah I'm aware of the sugars in fruit. Guess its better than sugar in coke tho. I like carrots too. lol.

  23. Dude I haven't seen you in your bare feet yet but I don't think you need to fret so much, the more you worry about it the hard it is, just do what you know you should and remember to smile everytime you eat a carrot at work watching someone tag a donut down

  24. Oh dude where's your bitch blogging at? I'd so like to tag team his ass just because you know? LOL!

  25. No idea. I won't be looking for him.

  26. Moko, you got me beat, but not by a lot unfortunately ;)

  27. I've gained back a few pounds and The Geek and I are going back to the (South) Beach middle of this month. It was an easy enough diet to adapt to I just started to eat more sugar. I've never gotten down to thin but I was fine with what I achieved. I also slacked off at the gym using the Holidays and the end of term as my excuse. Now I am back to working out harder! Go Moko!

  28. lol!

    I was gonna say nooo, but right now its comin from south of the equator... then I remembered where you live :P

  29. Goodluck Moko. Fruit can be fickle. Ha - you used to get free food at work. We get that occasionally but there's heaps of FREE FRUIT each day! Now ain't that ironic.


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