Wednesday, 7 January 2009

IS this dis-ing a potential employer?

I'm uncomfortable with sending personal info over the net to sites and persons unknown. I'm currently looking for another job with more hours. I found an ad a coupla days ago for a local employer who wanted potential employees to send their resume by post or net...

I'm always like, "yeah, then......?"

Your CV or Resume contains enough info for someone to take your identity and buy themselves a shiny new fridge, or Xbox, or mobile phone - on a PLAN, or whatever, on credit. Dunno about you guys but if my name is going on a payment option then I wanna be the one using it.

When I find an ad I always touch base first.....for those reasons. This is some of the one I sent a coulpa days ago.

[Coupla paragraphs of personal info removed]

I live at Fernvale (20 minutes from Ipswich) and I am looking for local employment. I am 35 years old and have a professional attitude and manner as an employee. I take pride in my work and enjoy working with others.

I write this note just just to touch base with you. I have sent highly personal and sensitive information over the internet previously and have received no reply on occasion. This makes me uncomfortable as I'm sure you'll understand.

I would appreciate a basic run down of your position available. If possible could you include pay rates and work hours, or a basic idea of a roster. My work availability is flexible to your requirement as an employee.

I hope to hear from you soon.


Sure enough, no reply. Would you be offended - as an employer - if someone did that?. The other side of me doing that is gaining information on pay rates etc without having spent the good part of a day fixing up my resume and emailing it then finding out the job has shit pay and long hours. Fuck that.


  1. I wouldn't be offended. At worst, I might post a snippet or paragraph on the privacy policy of the company. But far more likely, I'd be impressed by your caution and forethought.

    Unhappily, I'm not your potential employer. I have no idea what they're thinking.

  2. Peronsally, I'm always questioning what's-what when it comes to what information you send a person online. Especially if you're sending information that can amount to identity theft later. I'd rather go check it out in person first, to make sure it's all on the up and up.

    I wouldn't be offered, either. It just shows that you're intelligent.

  3. Makes good sense to me. I'd give you a brief rundown via email and ask you to send in your resume via snail mail. Nothing wrong with sending it that way-a lot of people still do and odds are good it'll take an employer several weeks to decide on candidates anyway.

  4. I wouldn't be offended. Hell, I wouldn't want my info floating around out there. If a potential employer never acknowledges you, you don't know if he received your personal info or not.

    I sent a pic of my beav to my husband once through email. I thought I typed his email right, but lo and behold, it went to someone else.. LOL

    Taught me a lesson. Wait, that had nothing to do with your entry.. sigh...

  5. Roflmao Doll. You got tears from laughing outta that one.

    Capt, Morph, and YDog. Exactly what I thought. I'm thinking if they DO have issue with it then they are hiding something.

  6. Don't be discouraged about the no reply Moko.

    I once sent out over 200 applications [not all to the same company :~)]

    I received six replies, 3 Auto-replies, 2 receipt acknowledgments and 1 job interview. Didn't get the job.

  7. Sending personal info 'out there' does sound scary. Identity theft is big business.

  8. Hey aren't you the guy that posted his mobile number on his blog???????

    I don't have much personal info on my resume, just name phone number, email addy and maybe suburb. The rest is just lies about how good I am.

  9. Yeah, but what can ya do with my number, Naut?.

    Many have their birth date on it, but even if you don't it's not hard to find out if your name, age and address is on there. Employment history. Wage is easy from there. etc etc. Not hard to find it all out. I'd rather send that stuff to someone I know is real and not just collecting info.

  10. If your application is unsolicited you would be lucky to get any response at all.

    If you are applying for a job that has been advertised make sure that you send them exactly what they ask for - and make sura that it is everything and in the format they request. Especially if they ask for Key Selection Criteria - write at least a paragraph in response to each one.

    I have been on lots of panels where half of the applications can just get binned because they don't provide the information requested.

    If you have 40+ applications for a job and you need to shortlist it down to 3-4 interviews - then you need to start with whether they can actually meet your most basic requirements.

  11. It was advertised and they just asked for resumes.

    If it was something abit you described, then yeah, it's a different thing. If it was to the Police, then sure, or the Courier Mail, sure, or some corporate setup where you know it's a real entity based on professionalism then generally I'd hand it in personally where possible anyway.

    This was the equivalent to pulling it off centerlink's machines or something. Fairly random, and not worthy of trust on face value.

  12. I can't belive they didn't give some idea of what kind of wages they pay. However, on the whole, it's generally not a good idea to talk money until you've been offered the job.

    Oh, another tip. If on a job interview and you're asked where else have you been looking for a job or where else have you sent resumes to, tell them nothing. Say you have no other job prospects, no other resumes out there, that this is the job you want and are solely focused on getting.

  13. moko, i have a job interview friday afternoon, and i'd appreciate all the positive vibes i can get. so far haven't had to reveal anything too personal ... then again, it's been years since i've had a job that was with a corporation rather than a start-up, so who knows what's coming up. wish me luck, please! :)

  14. sometimes all the new-age techy world scares me. and pisses me off. I'd rather sit down face to face with the boss man (or woman) and give em my resume and pimp myself out IN PERSON. It doesnt happen a whole lot these days, unless you somehow have the most miraculous resume to suit the job and catch the interviewer's eye.

    cripes, cant even get to say hello to the manager at Lowe's or Home Depot (DIY), some flunky tells ya to "go over there to the computer" and you fill out an online job app with checked boxes for 500 personal questions about your moral values, then it goes thru the ringer to see if any bells or whistles go off before they might even THINK of letting you see another human being! sometimes it sucks living in the 21st century.

    anyways, best of luck with the hunt (((P)))

  15. They is obviously wankers so stuff em their loss.

  16. I think you should just send them a quick note saying 'Yeah, I'll take the job' and maybe a PO Box for them to fwd the paycheck to!
    And MY resume only contains info that is fictious anyway - good luck to them opening a credit card with that!
    Good luck with it all

  17. I don't know how the employment laws are on your side of the world, but it is generally NOT advised over here to put your birthdate or age on your resume because of the possible discrimination by ageism (though I wouldn't say you're exactly at high risk for discrimination in that department).

    If it makes you feel any better, I spent all of May, June, and July of 2008 sending out resumes and applications and got 2 auto-replies and nothing else. Tossers.

  18. Hey CaptainMando, thanks for stopping in. You're right. I'm beggining to hate people with a passion.

    Lerm!. hahaha I should try it.

    Chaz ~ No doubt.

    BABE. Hey, I'm having dramas with your blog....dunno why. I'm more of a face 2 face person too.

    Kitty ~ I just about gave myself a aneurysm sending you good vibes. ;o)

  19. Jesus....*beginning - in Mandos comment.

  20. With the internet, now companies get thousands of replies for jobs. Now why they don't let you know the company name, pay scale, etc, is beyond me. I would think that they would get fewer replies if they were at least up front with the information you need to determine if you want to work someplace. Best bet is to find a friend that will give you a job. Period.

  21. I'm thinking about being a cabbie for a bit. lol.


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