Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Moko 2.0 and a Conspiracy Theory

I'm a refugee from an apocalyptic meltdown at Thank FUCK I saved my writings and such from there before it disappeared forever. They probably won't be republished here however.

I was told a few months ago that Journalspace WOULDN'T last till Xmas. Funnily enough it was killed off a few days before the 25th...

JS themselves say the possibility of sabotage is real. Let's hope it wasn't 'double tapped' intentionally.

I guess the 01-01-2009 -pinch and a punch for the first of the month - is a good time to start again. I have a channel at YouTube called: BonesTheCat. I'll post video logs here, via there. I'm waiting for a few friends to turn up here as well.....hopefully.

Anyway, thanks for having me, and welcome to Moko 2.0.


P.S. Here's something from the bowels of my sense of humour...

Why we shouldn't leave Iraq, yet.


  1. Jesus Christ, what do ya have to do for a comment in this fucken joint.


    I miss JS.

  2. Hey Moko - I'm also on Blogger at

    Well done on saving your writings - I hadn't done any of that, but then J-Space had been a secondary blog for me, so I haven't suffered like others.

    Interesting conspiracy theory about J-Space being taken out before Christmas - I wonder why?!?!

    Anyway, I hope the New Year gets better - I look forward to following your words here.

    Cheers, Natalie.

  3. Hey Moko

    Been busy working on my New Zealand invasion plans.

    Good to see the Lime Head back in action.


  4. Happy New Year Moko.

    I fully believe Journalspace was sabotaged. We need to find the perpetrator and give them a burn notice


  5. G'dat GC. I saved stuff that I sat down and thought about before posting it, unfortunately I lost all the other stuff and the comments as well. THat's the guts of a blog. Thanks Natalie, you too.

    AL ~ Where the hell you hiding?

    Lobes ~ Thanks mate, happy new year to you and yours. I reckon it was too. Quite a few had the shits with that joint.

  6. well ya found me over at wordpress mate...
    you are very lucky, i was nearly going to try and track you down at your work. >:-)

  7. Finally...good going Stranger, took me a bit to find you...I forgot your addy was strange land ;) Happy New Year!!! ~Karada~


  9. U ~ I'd love to see ya at work. Can get you a free feed lol.

    K ~ Least you've got a few places you can be found. lol Happy New year to you too hun.

  10. Moko! I am so, so glad to see you here! It feels a bit more like "home" now.

  11. Happy New Year Moko!

  12. Hey, Moko-good to catch up with y'all!

  13. What the hell was that...? :-)
    G'day, mate. Happy New Year.
    (the former netmale)

  14. HAZAAH here's the fellas.

    Drej ~ Good man, you too.

    Y-DOG! ~ You too, I'll be over soon.

    Doug ~ Iraqi nation army....LOL. You too mate, be there soon.

  15. You've been bookmarked. I left JS months before the crash. As WriterAnon told me "fuck you, you called it." I've been saying for a year that site was going to crash. All the signs of the drives failing was there. Maybe Dylan should have hired me to work for him, eh? Oh well. I frankly don't care that it's gone. I think JS needed to go down in a ball of flames and start over, honestly. Good luck on starting over here. Tried this place out a long time ago, didn't like it much. But, I'll pop in still. :)

  16. that was fucking hysterical. The video, I mean. JS crashing was just mildly amusing.

  17. JS crashing was great. I DO feel for a few people, like Birmo, whose blog address is in ALL his books. Kinda funny tho, in a morbid sorta, just funny.

    Morph, you'll get rash cause you'll miss me so much.


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