Sunday, 26 April 2009

GBH on Police Officer (video)

CHRIST this one makes me SPIT TACKS.

Below is a shocking video of an assault by drunk fucking RICH pieces of shit on Officers attending a fight at a pub. The older guy doing the swinging later has a heart attack and the police save his life. The young guy that head butt the officer gets off on....wait for it....self defence. SELF DEFENCE from a Police Officer breaking up YOUR fight. Apparently the young guy tripped while running to aid and in fear of his defenceless father's life from the POLICE.

The officer knocked out won't work again. Paralysed down the left side, lost HALF his eye sight, is learning to walk again.

A JURY found them not guilty. Because of that the officer can't receive victim of crime payments to aid his rehabilitation. They got off because they could afford a QC.



  1. Oh, forgot to add. While they were attending the officer the father was still standing over him yelling.

  2. handguns..the cops should have just started shooting.

    Nothing sobers up a person like getting shot at.

  3. Well, going by the outcome he would have been justified in doing so. But unfortunately the media frown on shooting the unarmed. Hindsight has 20/20 vision.

  4. Mate this is why I'm not railing and ranting at the police to evict the leech, I don't want to see them get injured (but it will end in a confrontation).
    Some one needs to be found drunk and disorderly and taken out back.

  5. I bet the video was not allowed in evidence. Too imflammatory

  6. Mate, the jury saw the longer version with a dude threatening the person filming it and the father abusing an unconscious cop. Oh, and all the punches he threw too.

    Bangar. It's fucked mate.

  7. Everything is going down hill these days nothing is safe and you get a get out of jail card if you have the money!


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