Monday, 6 April 2009

Nuclear Shelters in Japan.

See our Japanese brethren are scrambling for nuclear shelters since Kim Jong Crook is letting off large sky rockets. Scrambling, actually being 12 in the last two months. That's twice as many as they normally get in an entire YEAR though.

38 grand will get you one. Thing is, if they're gonna nuke you do you REALLY wanna survive it, or are you PRAYING for a windy day the day they let them rip?.


  1. So how many could he have left.

    I'm not sure it's Japan that needs to worry...he's got other fish to fry, methinks.

    Yeah, you have a point. Not a very cheery set of circumstances to look forward too...surviving, that is.

  2. Only peopel the japs have to worry about having nukes are the chinese, mainly becuase as some stage they'll want revenge for Nanking.

    Also I suppose it's be an idea for those shelters to be earthquake proof as well eh? :)

  3. Mate, I'm with CHAZ, DPRK, will go after...SOUTH FIRST and christ knows who else, but they JAPS could well get one for good measure. Doesn't matter who pops the first, its the other 20 or so that get let off that will cause the REAL drama's.

  4. mate if lil kim decides to make facts out of the lies he has been telling his people, he'll throw a couple of nukes at japan (if he can get the rockets to work)to take attention, run south and try and give the yanks a blood nose, park a nuclear truck bomb in seoul, and dare the world to take the peninsula off him.
    but he couldn't be that crazy - could he?


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