Saturday, 4 April 2009

Most violent game EVAAAR????

This why we need an 18+ rating.

But anyway.....Enjoy.

Comes out on the 9th here in Aus, I think.


  1. Almost makes me want to buy an X-box!

  2. It's R18 here Moko. My son wants it and we went to pre-order it today (due out 9 April) until I found out the rating - no go sorry 16 year old...yes I am one of those mothers!!!

  3. Yeah see i have an issue with this. Godfather was an OK book, and the first 2 movies were fantastic. A story about family and all that. This looks like GTA/saints row - which is fine, but not in the spirit of the godfather.
    It does look cool however - especially when he put the shotty in the guys mouth

  4. Lou ~ Ah k cool. Still don't know about Aus. M15+ I believe, but when a crim hugger gets wind of it it'll get a bullet. And coolio on nixing ya kid with it. There's a few others that need it. I've heard kids under 5 on some games. IT's wrong.

    Lerm ~ lol you're too busy rooting.

    U ~ Yeah a part of me has issues with it. I can play it and laugh about it but kids shouldn't have access to it.

  5. That's pretty gruesome.

  6. The period costumes are cool, but why do the graphics still look like they were made for a Nintendo from the 90s?

  7. Have you seen The Punisher for the original xbox?..THAT was violent..

    Using the environment to interrogate bad guys?..sounds about that band saw..that'll violently separate someone's arm from their shoulder.

  8. Doug ~ Wondered the same. Maybe to give it a 'Bugsy Malone' sorta feel?. Dunno.

    AK ~ Dunno mate. I'll check it out on Youtube.

  9. A bit violent for me (yawn!) gets old quickly. What's the game play like?

    The face plant on to the bat was ...interesting!


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