Thursday, 21 April 2011


In Australia, there's been 'unrest' - read: arson, and attacks on emergency services - in one of the asylum seekers processing plants. Let's call it what it is. Understandably, the inmates - again, what it is - have got the shits over processing application times - this is where 'understandably' ends - and decided to burn their compound.

As an immigrant, and a non-citizen, I KNOW that if I get the shits with whatever and decide to burn 9 buildings and attack the fire fighters that come to fight the fires, AFTER ... I finish being tasered, I'll be heading to jail. AFTER I finish my sentence I'll be deported.

I'm sympathetic to asylum seekers because in reality we created most of them.

Arson and anti-social behaviour INCLUDING assault shouldn't be tolerated one little bit.


  1. correct, any fkr involved in the incident, WOULD, if I had my way, be returned STRAIGHT A FUCKING WAY!.

    I have zero tolerance for this shit!, we could have them camped in fucking tents in the desert....but as far as I am aware we do not.


  2. I'm inclined to let them stay ... until their labour has paid off the bill.

  3. Big points to you, Moko, for bringing this up. If this had happened here in the States, there'd have been no shortage of comments (not necessarily by you, but there are plenty of people out there who enjoy quarterbacking our affairs). So, I'm glad someone has chosen to make this a topic.

    It ain't easy, is it-dealing with essentially illegal aliens. We had it happen here back after the Mariel Boatlift. Senor Castro was nice enough to empty his prisons and send the inmates here. They set fire to the center at Ft. Chaffee after a few months. Didn't help their cause.

    Those people might be all right-after all, you have to WANT to go to Australia. It isn't like here where a person can stroll across the border in a thousand places. Getting to Oz is a real trek.

    But they're not helping their own case by burning down the centers. All they'll do is harden public opinion against them. Unfortunately, most of them come from a region of the world that doesn't have a good track record in working with, playing with, and being tolerant of others, especially in the area of religion. So they're going to be checked ten ways from Sunday before being allowed to enter the population.

    Well, good luck. If Australia comes up with a genius idea for fixing this problem, pass it along so we take care of our immigration issues.

  4. There is no easy option, or it would've been sorted out by someone already. I'm all for asylum seekers moving in next door and obviously have no issue with immigration. The problem as I see with multiculturalism APPARENTLY struggling is EXCESSIVE political correctness.

    The unfortunate thing for asylum seekers these days is the political climate they are seeking asylum in, and the 'inevitable attack' we are all waiting on from extremists. People are afraid to die here, and rightfully so. We don't want the same violent sectarian issues that the people of most of these nations are coming, and running, from. We believe that all these people are potential terrorists and bring sectarian issues with them. Australians are afraid of this. We have a great lifestyle here in Australia and don't want to lose it.

    Unfortunately these concerns are mostly voiced in the media as racism, bigotry, and ignorance. We have just as much right to live in peace as these asylum seekers do. Don't bring 'your' social sectarian issues with you. Basically, assimilate into the Australia - and South Pacific - ethos, or fuck off. Thankfully, 99.999% do, and live happy fulfilling lives. We need to STOMP on the ones that don't.

    The issue with asylum processing taking to long is to do with the of their home country.

  5. Sorry, to do with the *condition of their home country.

    Riots and burning your 'neighbourhood' that the tax payers are paying for in the country you're trying to seek asylum in only pisses people off. Right now, the people in Villawood are seen as violent.


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