Sunday, 1 August 2010

Why the Wikileaks 'war logs' leak is dangerous

IT blows my mind how naive people are and the entire topic is ANOTHER example why we don't have general access to military info and footage.

Wikileaks lost my respect when they posted the out of context "Collateral Murder" that was loaded with half truths and general misleading information. Now comes the 'war logs' of the Afghan conflict.

Wikileaks releases 10's of thousands of 'not for general consumption' documents from the US military. Probably the thing that best highlights why this is SO wrong is in the reports are the names and locations of various Afghan informants. The Taliban stated they are reviewing these leaked reports and will go after the people in these reports identified as informants. The Taliban also have a habit of going after the family of informants if they can't find the informants themselves. Aside from the obvious negative consequences for the informants themselves there is the ongoing damage these leaks will do for the troops on the ground. Chances are, your average informant in 'Buttfuck Nowhere, Afghanistan' won't know about the Wikileaks right now. Chances are though, they'll figure it out when their neighbour's head gets hacked off. What do you think this will do for intelligence coming out of these areas?. How would lack of civilian intelligence could negatively impact on the safety of our troops?.

Some are asking why this intel was so low level. Where do they think intelligence comes from?. Double Oh Fucking Seven?. Intelligence is a another word for information. Information is gained from conversations from foot soldiers with a kid booting a soccer ball in Kabul, through to high level talks.

This is a potential disaster for everyone involved. Let's hope it doesn't add to the body count.


  1. I'm not totally defending them, but without someone working towards freedom of speech, we end up with wars where innocents get killed by the good guys, freedoms are taken away at home because of "what we know and can't tell you.". Once upon a time the main stream media would dig for these bits of information and expose governments and hold them accountable, but that seems to be disappearing. So who will do it?

  2. People need to stop soaking up MSM BOLLOCKS media feeds and listen to the people there. I'm ALL FOR the military being taken to task over war crimes. Who the fuck isn't?, but what Assange did is TOTALLY the wrong way to go about it. Listen to people like Michael Ware who KNOW what's going on there. Listen to the people of Afghanistan. Take the government to task over bullshit information and the military over war crimes but the shit that has come out of Wikileaks the last few months is a tragic joke.


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