Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Gotta laugh at...

...the brain first thing in the morning when the alarm goes off. It goes something like...

*beep beep beep* <---- Alarm, not brain. lol

Brain: Alarm. Alarm. Alarm. Alarm. OH, ALAAARM. Up. Light. Sock. Sock. Socks. Shirt. Work Shirt. SHIT, WORK. Pants. Pants?. Shorts. Work Shorts. Socks?. SOCKS?. SHIRTS?. Wrong shirt. Why am I walking in circles?. Need to pee.

At about the realisation of needing to pee my brain FINALLY sparks I realise I'm standing in the hallway with my pillow and one sock. In my defence, I'm sick.


  1. Sick as in contagion or Sick as in sick in the head

  2. Ha. At least you weren't also sucking your thumb at the same time.

  3. B, apparently a little of both.

    ALD, lol may as well have been.


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