Tuesday, 31 August 2010


It's interesting how dynamics change when an element is removed. It's a bit like removing a breed of fish from the ocean. Some fish being removed really won't make that much of difference, but others that have a significant impact on the food chain really does.

Hate to give the Atheist Heathen too much of a swelled head but Doc taking a step back and re-evaluating his part in the whole thing impacted. Nat voiced her dismay - let's call it what it is - at that reality and I saw that Chaz did as well in a one-liner - we're never REALLY blocked Chaz ;0). Not so unusually, I have noticed it as well.

It's always good to have someone to chuck a footy around with - metaphorically, or not - and talk shit while you're doing it. I got from Doc the ability to bounce my beliefs at him and have him laugh or actually wade in and take look ... then laugh. But at least I got to call him a *unt without him blocking me ... permanently. He's the most open minded narrow minded heathen around.

I came online because IRL I don't work with what really takes my mind. And probably, I couldn't, because so much interests me. So really this blog, Twitter, YouTube, my image blog, ThatAussieGameSite, and BirmoLand, cop the brunt of what's in my head, and usually Doc, Alan, and a few others take the time to reflect on what I have to say. Others just need to harden the fuck up.

Sounds like Doc is dead ... which, quite obviously he isn't ... or I haven't heard so yet ... and the dynamics of the planet Twitter in the internetverse will realign to create what Twitter will be and most probably Doc will float by like a turd and stink the place up again, but until then, you're all driving me fucking NUTS. At least cut and paste a fucking joke once in awhile.


  1. Yeah, what you said, hope Doc reappears, us Heathen Atheists need all the support we can get.

  2. Jeez, listen to you, you mopey little shit. Take some of your own advice and swallow a tea-spoon of cement, you imaginary-friend-believer.

    Nah... kidding. Life's pretty straight without someone to at once engage and infuriate you. Shock DJs make a motza on a career based on that very philosophy.

  3. I haven't had a lot of time of late to mess around much on Twitter. Life's been getting in the way.

  4. ..and that's the thing, Y-Dog. Same for me.

    ALD, yeah for sure, brain challenges keep ya young.

    B, no you don't. Hard enough holding the high ground. lol

  5. Three nuns are walking down the road when some guy in a trench coat flashes them.

    The first nun has a stroke.

    The second nun has a stroke.

    But the third one doesn't touch him.


  6. Busy as a one armed bricklayer in Baghdad. Have no more updates written for ITWPT. Fun but. Am rating the new name for this joint.

  7. Thank you very much. lol


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