Friday, 11 March 2011

The Last Pope

Whether you're a person of faith, or not, now is a REALLY interesting time in regards to the scriptures and prophecy in the bible. Not only were there prophets propheting the prophecizing of prophecies - lol, couldn't resist - within the scriptures, there were various others doing the same for this period right now.

Things like, The Last Pope visions by Malachi, the idea of Dawn of The Third Day within the scriptures referring to Christ's rising - this is stated that 1000 years on Earth is 3 days in heaven and we are in the dawn of the third millennia since Christ's crucifixion - and various other visions from ancient tribes and individuals who lay claim to visions of end times from various points in history. Not just recently, but 'obscure' times and 'obscure people'.

Pass it off as fairy takes if you like; I don't give a fuck, but the fact is this is the time where the prophecies from through the ages are predicted. Plenty of ones referring to natural disasters and wars, as well.

Something interesting to read about for the weekend of you're looking for something to study.


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