Monday, 14 March 2011

Career Paths

At work, I'm at a really interesting point. I'm only writing this - as with most like this - so one day I could look back at a point and go: "HA, little did you know".

I'm at a point where I can go one of two ways. Within the next month I've got the opportunity to pursue a career in driving large trucks - off-sider jobs coming, then work your way thru licences - or stay in depot and pursue a career in like everything to do with freight OTHER than driving.

Within myself I know which way I wanna head because I'm aware of things I don't like about the other. I'll explain those later.

Anyway, here goes nothing ....


  1. Logistics/supply chain is a solid industry to get into. I'd be avoiding the driving and sticking with the management of moving-boxes-around stuff.

  2. My stepfather drove a truck for 15 years before retiring. The money is good and he saw a lot of this rather large nation-but at the cost of never being at home. Good for a young, single person, but not so much for anyone else. Maybe go into the office side of the business.

  3. Typically truck driving pays well, but the downsides are the hours and time pressures. Also accidents always seem to be your fault. Old man was an owner driver for his working life.

  4. Thanks heaps guys. Got a verbal agreement today on the step up but I'll write more about when she's above a dotted line.

  5. My father was a truck driver for 12-13 years before he decided he wanted to "settle down" with the woman he left my mom for. When I was a kid, he was home one weekend out of every two weeks; later, he was home every weekend, but gone all week. It put an incredible strain on my mother and us kids. :o(

  6. You will of course be able to opt out of whatever choice once you have the skills. Go with your gut, works pretty every time, even if it takes a year to get it totally together. Remember that you can advance because you can.


  7. Manda, Well that sucks. Thanks for sharing.

    Therbs, Cheers mate.


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