Monday, 7 March 2011

Wolves, Sheep, and Teeth

I come in here regularly and don't update. Fucked if I know why.

I really want to leave it, but part of me doesn't wanna let it go purely cause it was a straight out unprovoked - surprising, I know - attack on me personally by Orin under the guise of "FKNHVK". That one being one of his many guises. Talking about that 'drama' at Birmo's CBG the other day.

Now I've never had anything against Orin personally so it was a minor surprise that this Sybil fuck would overtly shoot at me personally. Before I let Orin know I knew who 'FKNHVK' was I considered the option of smacking the goofy fucker in the head, but, for the sake diplomacy at these 'Burger' gatherings which I very much enjoy I figured a chat would be the better option. I still think it is. Seems to me this bloke is a sheep in wolf's clothing ... or wolf in sheep's clothing ... when he gets online. I'm not sure yet.

Anyhoo ... I think the lesson from this - ESPECIALLY for Orin - is not to say anything online you're not willing to say in person. You tend to keep your teeth that way.

Oh, on a side note, I FINALLY started reading the Cap'n's little book called Angel Rising. Great stuff so far. Will blog about it when I get the chance to finish it.


  1. I confess to have missed the stoush over at CBG.

    I haven't been reading the posts only looking at the headings Birmo puts up and moving on. But going back now I can see no matter how quotidian the original post the burgers can be engaging where they take it. The post allied to the Geek about gaming and reading held stuff that wasn't repeated in the geek.

    And I miss a lot of stuff because I don't tend to use twitter.

    As I was saying I missed the stoush but can't argue with the idea that never say online anything you won't say in person.

    I don't tend to go to the burger get togethers anymore when Birmo's in town. One because as a soloing dad its not easy to arrange someone to look after my eleven year old and they are now just too big.

    I always though FKNHVK some incarnation of Havock but it never seemed to fit his character.

  2. Very good, young padawan. You've learned an important lesson today.

    The level of civil decreases in proportion to distance from target, generally. One thing I've figured out is that life's too short to waste a lot of time in a pissing match with some schmuck on the 'net.

    Now, it doesn't mean that you can't leave a biting comment on a topic you feel a particular passion for. But anyone CAN say 'Meh. Whatever.' and walk away if it gets to the points where the conversation's getting ridiculous.

  3. Missed the stoush. Had figured the Blarkon, FKNHVK connection to source. I've engaged on other forums prior to CBg but figured that heat and red rags are generally energy sappers. If I vent at CBG its about third party types. I generally see all of this Cloud contact as mainly for shits and giggles, and occasionally moral support for those who are hurting in real life. I've seen others use ad hominum attacks and thought it unnecessary. Unless of course they be a cunt.

  4. Barnes. Yeah, CBG seems to have turned into 'this is how you should think and if you think otherwise you'll be vilified for it'. Definitely not Birmo's doing. I sorta can't be fucked dealing with people "making fun of me" - as Orin put it - for having an alternative opinion. I still think the UN is largely ineffective. Think the Rwandans might agree with me ... so would the Iraqi's as America really just spat on the floor of the UN pre-Iraq. Cheers.

    YDawg - Yeah I'm trying .... lol I'm trying REALLY hard to just walk. Think this Gomer just needed 'outing' though.

    Therbs - Yeah, cunts need a wedgey. I'm sorta leaning towards non-'political' - in all senses of the word - topics and leaving my opinion at that.

    Cheers fellas.

  5. Hey Moko - I'm so sorry to hear there have been dramas. Like Barnes and Therbs I missed whatever went on at CBG.

    I'm sad if Birmo's blog has turned into a negative space for some - as you say, I'm sure it's not his fault at all, he's always provided a great platform for discussion, and allowed those of us who have common ground to natter and joke away.

    He's also on deadline at the moment, so that may account for why things are a bit more heated - he doesn't have the time to get more involved at the moment.

    You're right, the net can get nasty. Whatever you do, don't piss off standup comedians. ;)

  6. Please, stand ups are the best fun. lol Thanks Nat.


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