Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Career Paths Update...

So I went with the trucks. Purely for the reason that the pay is the same as depot work and there isn't as many people trying for a career in the bulk section. It's a niche area for sure, but the skills are interchangeable to a degree. With the depot work there's hundreds of people competing for a career and some of the ones who've upgraded have been there years and haven't gone past team leader. REAL slow progression. Also, depot full time work is from 0400 on. Bulk work starts at 0600. Jobs in bulk are as rear as hens teeth, ESPECIALLY in what I went for. I only got the opportunity through luck and constantly 'harassing' the people I want to work for.

And who doesn't want to play with trucks? My hours will be from 0600 to around 5pm. I'm okay with this. There's ARE inter-state driving jobs but licences for those take YEARS and I just couldn't be away from the missus. The reason I chose bulk was for her. The difference between getting up at 0245 for depot and 0445 is huge when it comes to lifestyle.

One thing I've learnt about progressing through jobs is transparency with current bosses. And having a good story to tell them doesn't hurt. I told my current boss - within the same company; there's sections - that I wanted full time work and the reason I chose other than him was to do with with where I lived and the hours I would be driving to and from work. NOT saying 'because career progression within your department sucks arse' was the way to go. Don't burn bridges, and be honest with them, EARLY.

The money's good too. More than I've ever earnt. Win. I start next Wednesday.


  1. Onya Moko! All the best mate.

  2. Are those hours legal?!?! Seems a 2 or 3pm finish would be a bit more fair.

    But yes, all the best, I hope you enjoy it. ;)

  3. Congratulations Mokes, good news indeed.

  4. Ah, went for short-haul, where you're home most every night. That isn't a bad gig-the pay isn't long-haul but the work and life conditions are a lot better.

    Good luck!

    In honor, a bit of truckin' music for you:


    "East bound and down, loaded up and truckin'
    He's gonna do what they say can't be done.
    He's got a long way to go and a short time to get there
    He's east bound, just watch ol' Moko run..."

  5. That's TEH AWSM, Dude. Congrats.

    Sounds like you handled the old boss appropriately as well. As someone that has managed people for many years I can tell you that is a very rare skill - believe it or not.

    Good luck in the new job!


  6. Late to the party as usual.

    I saw career options and assumed you'd found somekind of xbox hooking gig. You probably would have had to shave for that though.

    All sounds pretty exciting, congrats and well done!


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