Sunday, 12 July 2009

Dude, where's my job?.

In UnZud you had to compete against 500 other people for a job. I'm not exaggerating. Divine intervention and working for next to nothing was what got you a job and as long as it paid, you did it. Before coming to Aus I worked seven nights a week with 3 part time jobs just to get something that resembled a wage. The depression was horrible. Seriously. The unemployment rate was something like 12%. I believe Aus's at around 6% at the mo, and climbing.

I came to Aus in March '99 and it felt like I walked into the job version of the land of milk and honey. You could be ANYTHING you wanted. One job was a pain in the arse?, no worries, just quit and in two days time you'll be doing something else, guaranteed.

In the last two weeks I've applied for maybe 20-30 jobs. Not a fucking whisper back. I'm not aiming high either. Looking at night cleaning jobs and various other 'shit kicking' jobs.

As the concern gets more I start waking up earlier. I'm now waking at 04:30 and just laying there going, "Fuck".

I'm one of the fortunate ones too. I don't really have that much responsibility compared to most. I can't imagine the stress many are going through right now.

I contacted the Gov this morning to get on the dole. Sigh.


  1. Moko

    Don't mean to upset you but..

    If you are depressed now wait until you have to deall with the Centrefraud fucknuckles.

    Good luck.

  2. Yeah, I walked in there when I signed up for Austudy before the course. Snapping duckshit there were FUCKLOADS of people in there.

  3. Moko good luck.

  4. Dealing with C*nterlink is a fucking slunt of a thing. Good luck mate.

  5. I can give you a few pointers. Used to work for 'em when they were still DSS. There's techniques to minimise the pain. Still won't help if you wind up with an arsehole on the other side of the counter, though.

  6. Unemployment in New Zealand had 'improved' to 7.2% by 1999. The early 90's were when it was real bad here, it got as high as 9.8% remember? It's up to just over 5% right now from a low of 3% a year and a bit ago and it's exponentially climbing. 50,000 are claiming an Unemployment Benefit here as of this month. Everywhere is struggling, as you say Australia is up to 5.8%. Extremely tough times all round.

    Good luck dealing with the bureaucracy.

  7. I'll take ya word for it Lou. lol, But yeah, definitely not easy.

    Cap'n ~ Thanks mate. I'll see how we go.

    Doc and Bangar. Cheers.

  8. Mate, its the lowest rung of the ladder jobs that are the hardest to get into. What you should be doing is shooting too high at a corporate, and bullshit to get it. You will get at least 2 months of work before they realize/decide by committee you are a bit shit and bounce your arse. In the mean time you have gotten experience in something else.

  9. lol sorry Moko you inadvertently strayed into my area of expertise, bad mistake :-(

  10. sux. My husband was out of work for 6 months but finally landed the best job he's ever had. Pays more than the old one! As many times as he wanted to give up, he didn't. Persevere!

  11. Adam makes a pretty good point there!

    Best wishes for this - it will be tougher in Qld than most other states too.


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