Monday, 20 July 2009

OH EM GEE, a breakthrough...

I received the following on one of my videos at Youtube.

"cause your a dirty fucken camper with 1 skill to camp u dirty fucken camper"

...and my reply?.

Well, instead of usual return serve with bite and an unloading of words that would put HAVOCK!!!11!!!1 to shame and make a hooker blush, I said...

...and I quote...


I'm becoming an adult!.



  1. That's because you know others will do a full blown Havock on your behalf.

    P.S. You didn't include a link! Kill joy!

  2. Yep. Breakthrough. Because no matter how much Havock you rain down on a prize prawn fuckstick, it won't change him or his outlook or his level of literacy. It'll just make you crankier.

    On the other hand, if you can practice a few Wildean witticisms, you can get away with a lot...

    "It would appear, sir, the only thing YOU would know about 'camp' is likely to be found in your closet. Next to the frilly knickers."

  3. I don't even get the comment...what's the insult?

  4. I admit the best I could reply to such a post would be


    which while not particularly witty is at least reflective of my mindset at the time. Would putting it in capitals Havoc-like improve it


    I think not.

  5. Replied to D on Twitter...

    Cap'n ~ LOL Think THAT would be over the little fuckas head.

    Jen ~ CoD4 online has certain social unwritten rules of engagement. A 'Camper' is someone who parks themselves in a hole with their back to the wall and takes cheap kills. Kinda like bad sportsmanship. The line between what constitutes 'camping' and being 'defensive' is blurry.

    B ~ lol Actually, that would work.

  6. And may well I say, perhaps suggest might well be more apt is that the bastard of a god dam cat IS A

  7. ROFLMAO...I prefer the term 'strategist'.

  8. Moko - it probably would be over his head. But that's okay. You're never gonna impress or change him anyway. On the other hand, anyone with even a handful of brain who reads it is going to get a giggle, at his expense. And someday, someone will explain the joke.

    It's like a time bomb. I love doing that.

  9. This is my preferred method of replying to insults – not that many people insult me of course, being in awe of my intellect.

    You should only use the Oscar Wilde type of response if the reader will properly appreciate it. In cases like the one you quote, it’s best to make them uncertain as to whether their comment has insulted you (the type of response you wisely chose to use).

    Another is the sort of response that suggests you’ve just skimmed their comment without reading it properly, taking the wind out of their sails. The best type under this class is one that is quite irrelevant to what they’ve said, leaving them not only nonplussed, but also bewildered. An example of this might be: ‘Yeah mate, I agree, though some people find that the Mk 4 works better.’

  10. I quite like this guy's approach to responding to trolls (hope the link works):

  11. ROLFMAO That's great. Funny funny guy.

  12. If I played games online, especially CoD4 which I've done just by myself), I would probably be that camper. I don't play video games to die needlessly. Starting over is such a pain in the balls.


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