Tuesday, 7 July 2009

"...and have you got experience?"

Said the '10 year old' taking my call at the job agency.

"Well, no, but I'm keen, a fast learner, I've got loads of experience in factory work and truck yard work, and really is experience THAT important in regards to this position?", I replied.

"Yes!. Well, that's a requirement of the employer..."

"I see...", I said feeling somewhat gipped, "...do you think you could pass on my details just in case?", I say, almost begging.

"Ummmm...well...yeah, I suppose so", she says. I can envision her with her hand poised over the little red hang up button on her phone base. I pass my details on and don't hear a pen or a keyboard confirming the information.

"Thanks heaps for that I say. Racking Asphalt from a truck isn't too dissimilar to some of the jobs I've had", I say holding back the urge to call her a fucken dick head.


I had another job agency that I sent like ten resumes to for various jobs over the course of a few days. I get a TEXT MESSAGE 3 WEEKS LATER saying they had one shift for a security guard THAT NIGHT. lol Fucken true. Dunno what you've gotta do to get a shitty job.


  1. Everytime i am about to chuck my job in , I remember how much i hate looking for work, relying on stupid people and having to meet new people and decide to keep it.

  2. Tough times, chin up. Something'll surface.

  3. Oh yeah, I'm sweet. Got another one to call about tomorrow.

  4. feelin ya, sucks arse...
    ive now found out its getting harder for me to bludge on the dole like i was going to since no one will hire me... stupid new regulations... penisbrains...

    oh and btw, your display makes me LOL everytime i see it... i look so retarded laughing at my computer :S lol

  5. I think a rioad trip would be good, capping all the fuckwits and hanging their fuckwded carcasses on the ROO bar out FRONT!

  6. Moko

    Couple of questions?

    Do you have a blue card (not the kiddies one)?

    What sort of work you looking for?

    Permanent or casual?

    Long term or only until you get into the academy?


  7. No, I don't have the blue card, Gaz. Aiming for part time night work preferably at the mo. It'll be till I get to the academy. I want the night work so I can train and do all the application stuff during the day as the need arises for them.

  8. ...I should say it's getting to point of not being selective. The Asphalt one was a 6 month job on the Warrego road works....which would've been good too.

  9. Any civil works (asphalt, shovelling dirt, laying pipes) will almost certainly require you to obtain the "30215 QLD - Course in General Safety Induction (Construction Industry)" card.

    You can do the course at most TAFE's and I had heard it is also available online (should take a couple of hours).

    It may also boost your chances of landing a job if you hve the card already (some high school students are actually obtaining the card before leaving school).

  10. Another thought.

    Try the traffic controller companies (especially the ones working on the Warrego etc). Again this may cost you some bucks to do the required course and buy the necessary equipment. Most of the roadworks are night gigs now so as to minimise traffic disruptions.

  11. YEah, that's something that's crossed my mind with the card. Maybe that's what the experience bit was about...I'll check it out. Cheers.

    The Traffic Controller course is a fraction exy and I've been told it's hard to get work coz shit loads are doing it. I did it as part of my security course when it wasn't separate. I'd rather not outlay moolah for a temp gig. Plus, I'm broke.

  12. Not a night job, but car dealerships turn over detailers pretty regularly. Washing cars might sound like a crap job, but will give you a good fitness base.

  13. And start lieing about experience - everyone does

  14. Oh mate, don't care what I do. Yeah, I'm keeping an eye out...they usually want experience too. *rolls eyes* It's like yeah, well, I've got experinece washing MY car.

    *the rain usually does it* lol

  15. IT's not lies. It's more not telling the whole truth.

    HEre's my line. "Oh yes I've got experience. But I'm sure you like people to do things your way".

  16. You could always try for a job at a job agency afterall how hard can it be?

  17. Yeah well, valid point that.

  18. Cheeseburger Gothic seems to be down. Anyone else having problems?

  19. Yeah, Gaz mate, someone hacked it apparently. The ninja bunnies are working it. No idea on the fix it time, but bunnies work best in the dark so maybe tomorrow it'll be back. JB said something about server harddrive files been trashed or something.


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