Thursday, 9 July 2009

Battlefield 1943

DICE, the company that created the breakthrough online multiplayer, Battlefield: Bad Company, just released another breakthrough game - (in regards to it being a cheap downloadable) - Battlefield: 1943. You can pick it up at XBL or the Playstation online market (PSN?) for around AU$20. It's 550mb download, or there abouts. It comes out on PC in September, sometime.

If you want explodey goodness, GET the those two Battlefield games. You won't be disappointed.

I gave them a bit of stick via Twitter for a late release - (but wasn't their fault, REALLY) - and now you can't get online multiplayer here for lack of servers, or something. Apparently that's being rectified, quick sticks.

Normally, Battlefield is a game you can play online every time you kick it in the guts. Billions of yanks online - (they usually snag hosting) - at any given time and the condition of the Aussie internet makes for a chore getting a game fairly frequently with Call of Duty 4. Battlefield have never had that drama. Usually you always can get a game.

I gave the tutorial a run this morning and it looks great. There's nothing comparable around for the same price. I'll do a vid later when it's up and running because I know EVERYONE who reads my blogs gives a shit.


  1. Of course we care about your blogs!
    See? I read it all the way to the end and I don't even play computer games. That's dedication for you.

  2. I'll down load over the weekend.. HOPE!.

  3. I too read you blog but I have a bit of trouble with you accent. Should I run it through Google Languages first?

  4. I'm sorta talking about the game content. I'm grateful for everyone that comes here and I know I do well out of it.

  5. I also read to the end and got that you were talking about a vid regarding war game. I personally don't give a shit about game stuff but my son is a fan and reminds me to let him know when you post about games (he's a PS3 and PC user). Though must mention he still annoyed that you "talked up" (his words) the violence content in the Godfather and me thus not letting him get it :-) the gods love a tryer.

  6. Roflmao. I'll be considerate of him from now on.


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