Friday, 17 July 2009

We came in peace. We left as victors.

Now I've gotta think of an entry to go with the title.

Actually, on the news there was footage of the bombings in Jakarta, just today. The reporter used the phrase, "Bloodshed at breakfast". Thought that was a beauty...not considering the context, of course.

It's funny how people are so matter-of-fact about certain things. A photographer said he saw what appeared to be the remains of one of the bombers. He said that going by the condition of the remains it could really only BE the bomber. He said it like he was describing what was on his plate before the explosion.

When I was doing security I had to talk with a fella who wanted to commit suicide. I was stuck, by myself, with this fella for maybe a solid 5 minutes before the coppers arrived. That contact with someone in that frame of mind really fucked with my head for a coupla days.

I couldn't imagine what it would be like seeing the bits and pieces of someone.

Sorry, bit random. lol.


  1. how about we came as victors we left in pieces

  2. Been on suicide watch with one or two mates who couldn't handle the white noise in their heads. One attempt, one just looked like he was headed that way. Not the best. All good in the end though. To date anyway.

  3. U ~ lol I'll leave that up to a yank to write.

    Doc ~ Yeah, it's fucken shit. It has a way of polluting your psyche.

  4. Sometimes, in making you put your thoughts in order, dealing with someone who is challenging a lot of your shared assumptions about the world can actually improve your own understanding of what you think is valuable in life.

    But witnessing despair, really understanding it - that knocks you about. Can't really deal with that at the best of times, myself.

  5. Pretty much how I see it too Damian.


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