Saturday, 11 July 2009

Bravo Tennis Australia

In Australia the media - (justifiably) - got a hard-on for football players, and other sports, who 'play up'. If you believed the headlines you'd consider them a bunch of fuckwits. Isn't an Australia-only issue by any stretch of the imagination.

The guys shuffling the paper without having a background on the footy field can see the drama associated with punters 'boycotting' as seen with a Sydney team a few years back. Bad press nearly fucked them, and so it should. Sponsorship is where the power of the people stands in regards to football, but thank Christ associations like Tennis Australia and Swimming Australia play by societal expectations.

Check this article out.

"BRYDAN Klein, a player identified as a future star of Australian tennis, was yesterday banned from the elite circuit for six months for racially slurring a rival.

The West Australian, who made his Davis Cup debut in Thailand alongside Lleyton Hewitt in March, has also been fined more than $30,000 for calling South African Raven Klassen a "kaffir" at a tournament in England shortly before Wimbledon.

The 19-year-old, who has apologised, has also lost the support of the Australian Institute of Sport -- which included coaching and travel assistance -- and is banned from competing in all ATP tour events from July 20.

Klein, who reached the second round of this year's Australian Open, can reduce the suspension to four months if he completes a "racial sensitivity training" course, the ATP said in a statement yesterday.

The body ruled the use of the slur in the final round of qualifying at Eastbourne "repugnant".

"It is particularly upsetting and entirely unacceptable for this to be used in a sporting event such as the ATP World Tour where equality amongst sportsmen is a predicate to fair competition and, indeed, paramount to the success of the tour and of the sport," the statement read.

If only footy took it that seriously they wouldn't have social fucken retards raping and shitting in hotel hallways. Their sponsors need to come into bat.


  1. I agree with you here mate, but i can't see it happening. Tennis, swimming, golf etc are solo sports, when some cum stain who believes their own hype starts acting like a dick, it's easy for them to be punished and ostracized. With team sports it becomes more difficult. More often than not there are several players involved in the stupidity , you would lose the bulk of the team. A team that brings in lots of cash, not just from sponsors, but supporters. Both of which tend to get all a flutter when the players are injured for any length of time and can't play, never mind the thought that "OUR team" won't win because some silly bints stood in the vicinity of the team while having a bonding binge session, and decided the next day to regret the opportunity to bask in the celebrity. Personally i think that is fucking crap, but it's still a fact.

  2. I'd agree. Hammer them young, like the guy above.

  3. Perhaps castration instead of suspension should be considered, so they can be punished but continue playing. We are talking about playing ball games after all.

  4. Yeah, it's a fairly fucked concept. Get paid millions to bash a furry ball over a net.


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