Friday, 15 October 2010

Medal of Honor Multiplayer

First up, I don't care about single player campaign. I don't play em, and if 'First Person Shooter' (FPS) game developers made multiplayer only games, I'd be cool with that. Game AI is only an equation. It ALWAYS comes down to having enough ammo to beat it. Meh.

Medal of Honor Multiplayer is HARD. IF Modern Warfare was a challenge for you, this shit is on a WHOLE nutha level. I was the server cabin boy for the first few games, and then nearly EVERY other game there after. Think of this game as a mongrel cross between Battlefield and Call of Duty 4. The weapons 'loadout' is much the same as every other Battlefield game with just a few options from three classes; Assault, Special Forces, and Sniper. You're Terry Taliban, or a Seppo. The weapons reflect on which team you're batting for, unless you get the bonus stuff which gives you an M60 ... and something else, for both sides.

It has 'kill streaks', or 'kill(?) Chains' in this. The difference being, that in this your kill streaks come from points, not just kills. A kill is worth 10 points, a head shot is an additional 5 and a combo is more. The welcome addition is that not only are the streaks just for you, you can choose to help your team out. For example, your first streak is a UAV, OR, and mortar barrage. The UAV benefits your team, the mortar benefits you. On it goes. You can dish out ammo for the entire team, OR, a rocket attack for you. Please note, kill streaks are HARD to get. Snipers get the most. If dying infuriates you, then prepare for rage. It takes awhile to figure out you NEED to play tactically AND as a team. Game chat or good spacial awareness will win games. Sniper scopes are no more powerful than the ACOG's in other FPS's. In a way, this is good, it aids in stopping 'camping'. It's bad if you're in the mood for a good camp.

There are five or six game types and all being the usual stuff, and hard core is included. Hard core is good in this. You die just as easily is 'core', but just the in screen map comes and goes as the UAV pops up and down. The UAV's look retarded. They blat around and around in a tight little circle like one of those model planes on strings.

Negatives. It's TOO hard to spot the enemy. The grenades are retarded, they NEED to fix that. Once you pull the pin the countdown is ON for the fucker to go boom. If you're lining up a throw usually it explodes in mid-air, and the range of them is only like 20 feet. There's nothing in it really that's a step up from any other FPS. MW2 fans WILL NOT like it. There's no bouncing around like a retard and leaping across the map for a knife kill. BUT, for the first time EVER, DICE's knifing actually works WELL. I find the maps just a bit too small. That is good for intensity, but the games last and average of 5 minutes. You're all in, or you miss out.

I started really sort of going FUCK THIS DYING SHIT, but EVENTUALLY you should figure out some basics. One, is don't stand in the open. Two, is shoot and scoot. Don't stand still or you WILL get fucked up. Forget everything MW2 has taught you about FPS's. It doesn't count here. Play 'the lines'. Meaning, don't cover one direction, cover them all by moving around. Noob Toobs and rocket launchers won't save your arse. Really, the toobs are next to pointless. It isn't MW2.

If you're happy with the games you've got or are HANGING for Black Ops or BFBC: Vietnam, this may not be for you. If you're on the fence, hire it first. It's a DICE version of Modern Warfare, but really it's more a cousin of CoD4, not MW2. It's 'back to basics', but in some regards a little too much. The audio is TOP shelf. The battle sound is outstanding.

If I was to sum it one sentence: It's those occasional INTENSE firefights you get in Battlefield all in one game.

I like it, but it's not for everyone. Full multiplayer review coming soon.


  1. I die way to quick in games like this, guess I just stick to wandering the wasteland or taking down zed. Much easier.

  2. Yeah, definitely not for casuals like yourself.

    I see Red Dead Redemption is getting a zombie mode.

  3. Played the Beta. Definitely balls to the wall engagements..dump an entire mag at a enemy? Done.
    Get shot by a sniper using a 3x or 4x? Done.

    At least you aren't playing as the fucking aussies.


  4. Great game. You getting Black Ops?

  5. hahah tht is awesoome..but COD rocks


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