Monday, 4 October 2010

Selling Images

Mr Stu had a fabulous idea of me uploading my images to istock where there's apparent potential to sell them.

Should I?. I dunno if they're good enough.


  1. Surely you aren't the best person to decide if they are good enough, put them up and let other decide. It won't change how you value them and could only show you that other appreciate them.

  2. Yeah, fair point. Thanks mate.

  3. I've thought of that, too, but the thought of tagging hundreds of images (because I haven't tagged anything, ever) has given me pause. A long one.

  4. lol I hear ya. If anyone should though mate, it's you.

  5. Seems like a low risk venture.

    Give it a go, I reckon your ego is big enough to cope with no-one buying them.


  6. Ahaha, yeah, think I'll handle it. Cheers.

    JJ, very true.

  7. Give it a go. That's the best way to find out.
    Good luck.
    Err, do any of these photographs of yours contain, you know, like nekkid ladies? I'm only inquiring ion the artistic sense of course.


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