Wednesday, 23 June 2010

You know we've moved forward when... Asian asylum seeker born-again-Muslim transvestite with an Indigenous Father and Caucasian Mum gets VOTED PM. Until then, it's Brutus Match-Head as the Fed Boss.

REALLY hope Sir Wing Nut Dicktogs wins in the looming election. Just so I can incessantly fire shots at Chaz. PLEEEEEASE let that happen.

Moko predictions of Brutus Match-Head?. Sell out on asylum seeking and the tax for YOUR resources. I hope Kev left a thumb tack on her office chair.

I still think he had time to declare war on Indonesia before he signed off. Take THAT yer Jodie Foster lookalike...


  1. Jeez. I'd vote for Oprah friggin' Winfrey before I voted for Dicktogs.

  2. Jodie Foster? Hey! I like Jodie.

    Can I vote for Oprah too?

  3. Yeah, I'd go Oprah as well.


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