Tuesday, 15 June 2010

In the headlines..

Lost it over this one on Twitter....

@BreakingNews: American hunting Osama bin Laden with a gun detained in northern Pakistan - AP

Puma, you on holidays buddy?. ;o)

Edit. But wait, there's a an update...

US man arrested in Pakistan with a sword, claimed he was hunting Osama bin Laden

An American civilian who said he was hunting for Osama bin Laden and fighting the Taliban was arrested in northwestern Pakistan, according to local media reports Tuesday.

Gary Brooks Faulkner was armed with a pistol, a sword and a scimitar, an Arab weapon featuring a large curved blade, while attempting to cross the mountainous border from Chitral, northwestern Pakistan, into Afghanistan.

Faulkner repeatedly expressed his intention to fight the Taliban and Osama bin Laden, according to the local Chitral News. He had reportedly visited the region seven times prior to his arrest.

Authorities launched a search for the civilian after he entered Chitral as a tourist on June 12 and disappeared from his hotel the next day. He was arrested on suspicion and questioned in police headquarters, according to district police chief Muhammad Jaffar Khan, quoted by India's Zee News.

Faulkner will likely be deported from Pakistan. His arrest is the first of any American in the region.


  1. They probably thought he was a harmless enough looney, hence declined to cut his head off on the internet.

  2. That shit RIGHT there is gold.

  3. He likely will be deported from Pakistan...piece by piece.

  4. I am thinking when I read this...did not this numbskull realize that he was dealing with some real bad boys...with no sense of humor?

  5. I'm surprised he was found wearing a hessian sack as an over coat yelling, "THEY DREW FIRST BLOOD, not me..."

  6. haha. That guy probably just wanted some street cred before running for congress.


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