Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Who SAID the Taliban were dreary FKRS?

IT seems we've been misunderstanding the Taliban for a LONG time. I always thought they were completely allergic to anything colourful and their women generally are on the receiving end of the worst of it. How wrong I was.

Just in the last week the ADF in conjunction with the ANA gave the Taliban a good old fashioned 'gutter-stomp'. In the clean up they found THIS:

Image Hosted by

YEEEEEAH, PIMPED OUT WEAPONS. I particularly like the blued folding stocks and pistol grips. Rather fetching. CHECK OUT THE RPG's AT THE TOP.


  1. It looks like a fucking Bakelite party. The blue really clashes with the camo though.

  2. Fuck yeah - get ya bang-bangs in club colours. Genius. Can see it now on MTV - "Pimp My Piece".


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