Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Jemaah Islamiyah Wins Northern Territory Election!

So here's a hypothetical. I've been "discussing" the Israeli thing on Twitter with Chaz ... and millions of others. Let's assume the hypothetical is what it is, just for the sake of argument.

The Northern Territory gains recognition as a sovereign state by the UN. Elections are held, and Jemaah Islamiyah as it stands right now, wins the election by majority and becomes the recognised governing body of a legally recognised sovereign state.

As Australia, what do we do?.


Just for the sake of Doc, who struggles with hypotheticals, let's assume the Indigenous population of the Northern Territory initially won the independence.

As an addition for Doc: Within the Shia theological framework, the concept of taqiyya (تقية - 'fear, guard against', also taghiyeh) refers to a dispensation allowing believers to conceal their faith when under threat, persecution or compulsion.


  1. Still need to stop smoking it. For that to come to pass, the universe would need to be so distorted from reality as we know it that anything we come up with here (framed necessarily within the bounds of what we understand of the geopolitical landscape of 2010 Asia-Pacific) would be as pointless and as off-base as people in the 50s claiming we'd be piloting flying cars and teleporting to work by the year 2000.

    But I'll play along anyway because at least arguing on the net keeps you from sniping people from clocktowers. Forget all the crap about JI winning an election, because for JI to win a democratic election they'd need to de-bone almost all their fundie politics and move to somewhere near the centre. Especially in the NT. Unless you're suggesting the indigenous people of the NT are utter fuckwits and would vote for their own destruction. So are you saying (a) a toothless parody of JI wins an election for control of a sovereign state within Australia's borders or (b) JI takes control of a sovereign state within Australia's borders by some non-democratic means?

  2. You want me to sit here and sell a hypothetical?.

    Uh, no. It stands as it is. Don't provide input if you're struggling that much with it.

  3. The NT has some quite long borders (plus some strategic & resource worth) so my response would be:
    -Expand NORFORCE & the Pilbara Regiment and put into place some additional links with local Aboriginal communities this will mean a fair decent observation/recce capability on the ground at a relatively low cost and will help local communities as well.
    -JI are not going to treat our first Australians very well so need to emphasis that on the world stage and utilise discontent within the Aboriginal communities in the NT as a means of obtains HUMINT.
    -Invest in additional ISR capabilities on aerial, maritime & land platforms to gain additional SIGINT
    -Try and force the yanks to make Pine Gap a mini Guantamino bay (with it’s own golf course) salient so giving and additional in country asset.
    -Encourage independent reporting in the border region and in the new ‘state’.
    -Offer help to the new state (it will be refused but it’s good propaganda).
    -ensure that ASIO observe and try and co-opt any local sympathisers to the new regime.
    -Boost signals of all media stations to ensure that no jammers could stop the signals hence helping to dominate the propaganda conflict
    -Above all ensure that it is made very clear that any drop in lifestyle etc etc is due to JI incompetence not Australian action.
    -Engage engage and engage in dialogue, make them look the fools through their own stupidity.
    A few quick thoughts whilst doing more budgets!

  4. Would you blockade the sea approach from Indonesia after they start bombing targets throughout Australia?

  5. Nah not immediately, go the UN and get a mandate.

    Lean on the TNI point out how bad for business a stoush with Oz would be.remeember that the Indos have been reaosnably successful in grinding down their homegrown networks with suitable inducement.

    Win hearts and minds both in Oz and in the new 'state' and don't punish the poor saps who were pursuaded it was going to be all milk and honey if JI got in power.

    If you get a UN mandate then you can blockade and win the media war. & you get to involve others. Spreading the risk.

    Point is the area is pretty much self sufficient vis a vis food and general resources. If they started to fly in mujj thats why you improve your ISR capabilities. Get proof.

    Question, at what stage are they starting a bombing campaign and why?

  6. Let's say, to them, you're the biggest arsehole on the planet and they feel justified in bombing you.

    Do you blockade the approaches?. WHEN you do, do you allow aid ships from Indonesia through without searching them yourself?.

  7. Nah gotta do better than that, Hamas have a reason for the destruction of the Zionist state namely Israels occupation of Gaza and WB and their racist policies since independance (brought upon partly by the wars of agression by israels neighbours, but I digress).

    So I ask again why are JI commited to attacking the Commonwealth.

    Again blockade would only occur with UN approval best way for aid to come in is for UN inspectors at the point of lading (something Israel could have insisted on but didn't). Plus observers on each ship.

    Youve got to win the media war and soft power is always useful.

  8. You tell me, why ARE JI letting off bombs?.

    Jemaah Islamiah is known to have killed hundreds of civilians in the first Bali car bombing on October 12, 2002. In the attack, suicide bombers killed 202 people and wounded many in two blasts. The first, smaller blast by a suicide bomber using a backpack, killed a small number of people in a nightclub and drove the survivors into the street, where the vast majority were killed by a massive fertilizer/fuel oil bomb concealed in a parked van. After this attack, the U.S. State Department designated Jemaah Islamiah as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Jemaah Islamiah is also strongly suspected of carrying out the 2003 JW Marriott hotel bombing in Kuningan, Jakarta, the 2004 Australian embassy bombing in Jakarta, the 2005 Bali terrorist bombing and the 2009 JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotel bombings. The Bali and JW Marriott attacks showed that JI did not rule out attacking the same target more than once. The JI also has been directly and indirectly involved in dozens of bombings in the southern Philippines, usually in league with the ASG.

    This, is the Jemaah Islamiyah I'm talking about.

    So, let me get this straight. You, as PM of Australia, has the Sovereign State of Islamiyah in between Qld and WA that have declared war on you, have been bombing your nation - for whatever good reason according to them - repeatedly, are receiving ordinance FOR their campaign agianst you from the sympathetic Indonesians and you're gonna wait till the UN do something about it?.

    I call bullshit. Or if not, you're gonna be out of a job in ten minutes flat.

    Let's say, 10 buses in Sydney were just blown up 6 months after you asked the UN to do something about The Sovereign State of Islamiyah, and they haven't. You gonna write a strongly word letter, or are you gonna blockade Darwin?.

  9. Sorry, not "Darwin", it's now called "Jihadwin".

  10. It's not Gaza and Israel, no matter how desperately, cravenly, masterbatorially you want it to be. Just let it go.

  11. Just quietly pointing out, "Youse carhnts are full'o FKN SHITE".

    Given similar circumstances you'd do EXACTLY the same FKN thing and youse KNOW IT. Don't pretend you wouldn't. You want to sit on your high chair balancing your fucking computer up there gasping for FKN oxygen and pretending how FKN righteous youse are.


  12. Maaaattteee,
    I asking for you to determine why they as the elected guvmnt of the peoples Jihadist Caliphate of Northern Terrorystan. JI have formally declared war on the Coomonwealth. There has to be a stated reason.

    if its as simple as "youse are a load of shirt lifting kaffirs who wrap the koran in bacon and then piss on it (after drinking loads of fermented beverages)" then say so.

    I've already given you a basic plan of operations. But I'm sorry I'm not going to sink aid ships with my ssk's or have the Regiment shoot innocent civvies so you can justify the IDF's crap actions in the Med.

    This is the reason why Israel is becoming more isolated by the day. Even the Rodent at his worst would not have done so either. WE stop the ships and we search them but we won't cause a humanitarian disaster by stopping and restrciting aid like the Israelis do on a daily basis.

    Pete, the reason why the politics is so fk'd up is because of the settlement movement (who are more racist that most european race hate groups), and the Orthodox Jews (whose precious kids don't have to go out to die in the IDF). They are deliberately stopping the peace process and causing the conflict. Note a large amount of violence in the area is now caused by settlers against palestinian villagers in the west bank.

    As for the supply of ordinance, as I said before bring the TNI onside use intel and diplomacy and get the UN to issue sanctions. Also you use tried and true CRW techniques as perfected by the Regiment since WW2.

    You know where Hamas gets its weapons? via the tunnels the palestinians have had to dig becuase of the continuing harrowing conditions they are kept in by the Israeli government. Punto. So along with food medicine etc etc the arms flow in as well. if you treat a people like shite they will resetn you and rise up. I recommend you check up
    The irish troubles, the French and Russian revolutions etc etc.

    In short (because I do need to do some work) Israel's continuing harsh actions are just creating more enemies for it to fight not reducing them.

  13. The blockade is legal, and so were the boardings.

  14. That's the point of all this and you know it. I've laid out point after point after point after point, and you haven't come back with a scrap of fact. All you've done is try to redirect the convo away from the initial topic and you know that as well.

    I'm happy to lay out the those again if you want me too.

  15. For Simon, when he rocks up. The fundamentals of my argument.

    Israel and the STATE of Gaza are at war. Hamas, the the UN recognised elected governing body of a recognised state declared war. Israel can legally blockade Gaza because of it. I agree, the conditions - (without having seen it for myself) - the Gazans are under are apparently HARSH. I don't debate that. Under the laws of sea warfare Israel can search any vessel approaching the blockade. If the vessel refuses requests by the ... blocker - whatever - they can attack the vessel if they believe it's a threat of they can search it. It's a FACT that the #Flotilla refused Israeli requests to be boarded, to be escorted to Ashdod, and for the aid to be transferred by road. That makes them fair game. Legally, Israel could board them. I believe the international waters story is shite, and no one has proven otherwise. As for the killings, we weren't there, but anyone can defend themselves.

    That's about it.

  16. These are ALL facts BTW. Happy to provide links if need be.

    Apparently, according to Chaz, it's just bad sportsmanship.

  17. Just not cricket, and also Israel chooses to act in a manner that alienates nearly everyone else in the world.

    If the Seppos weren't protecting them they wouldn't be quite so arrogant. And they treat the seppos like shite as well.

    Also to repeat what I put on twitter I don't know of one 'at sea' interception by any other western nation that has resulted in the carnage (and I use that word carefully) like we saw last week.

    It is dubious to call the blockade legal as it serves as a form of collective punishment and contrary to international law. Much like all those settlements in the west bank. Because of that the interception esp on the terms of "self defence' (Israels own terms) is both morally corrupt and legally incorrect. The Israeli government is obviously more than aware of that as their 'inquiry' is a wet paper tiger


  18. Israel are in it for themselves and aren't reliant on anyone. Seems a lesson learned from Dubya Dubya Deux. A lesson like that would etch itself into my DNA as well. Where was the world when the were being marched into the gas chambers?. Sections of the Seppos - the important ones - were sitting on the fence waiting to see what would happen to the poms.

    Re: Carnage. Irrelevant. There's plenty of evidence to suggest the activists and a planned resistance.

    The interception IS self defence....or, in defence of self, when you don't know FOR A FACT what is on board those ships. Civilian aircraft hit the world trade centre, did they not?.

  19. Wow, thanks for that. Next we'll be discussing the origins of the universe. Please, feel free to share more of your thoughts. *rollies*


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