Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Holy shit, a blog entry: Black Ops

Well, the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops has come and gone. So far, impressed. I bought a 24" LG, LED, HD, PC - funny how we'll all know what those mean - monitor to game with. HUGE difference in gaming experience when you're looking through 1080p goggles. Out-fucking-standing. And ONLY for 260 bucks. The Turtle Beach headset just sets it off for something special. So anyway, enough masturbating.

The game isn't everyone's cup'o'tea and I DON'T play campaign. I just can't stand AI at the mo. It sucks, but APPARENTLY this one is something special. Multiplayer is sweet. I'm liking it. I hated Treyarch's World at War but this one has more features than you can poke a stick at. Seriously. I'm going to do a review by Monday of the gaming website so I'll do a run down then.

Coupla quirky things. Taking out Zombies as JFK - yes, THE JFK - is something different. There's also some hidden content which includes a top down view arcade game hidden in the menu which is fricken sweet. Theatre mode is something special. New game modes in which you can bet on yourself etc etc.

Content wise, most DEFINITELY worth the money. If you like FPS's but wasn't satisfied by MW2 then this might be yours. Some cool shit in there. 'Decoy' is a thing you throw that goes of like a packet of crackers and shows up on enemy radar. FANTASTIC for ambushes.

More soon.


  1. both boys are pestering FK outta me to get this...THREE COPIES...FKN OUCH!...but the fkrs can wait a bit more i reckons.

  2. Getting GREAT connectivity too..

  3. I came this *pinches fingers together* close to buying it on the weekend.

    I have a birthday fast approaching and a little cash floating around. Problem is I also want a pair of Skins, heart rate monitor, Turtle Beach headphones, new TV, new deck, rollerdoor, Porche (opps, I mean Merc), etc, etc, etc.


  4. IT'll be around for when you're ready mate.


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