Thursday, 18 November 2010

Am I carrying WHAT?

Got pulled over by a copper for whatever reason. Usual questions regarding what I'm doing in my own registered and insured car on a public road, but then came a curly one.

"Are you carrying any weapons?"

Obviously he was looking for someone matching me and the car BUT, am I carrying any weapons?.

My mind processed this as, "Are you carrying an object intended to cause physical harm to me or anyone else?".

Loaded, much?


  1. "Only THIS..." *zzzzip*

    Um, nah. Not quality concept.

  2. He obviously judged you as one of good character, and expected you to tell the truth :-)

  3. Doug, obviously. *cough*

    Doc. Bizarre.

  4. Wasnt that a scene out of Days of Thunder? Female cop/stripper goes the grope on Tom Cruise at a roadside stop. (Actually happened to the Nascar driver that movie was based on.)

  5. MOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. You could've said, "Just this gun officer" and then given him the "wink-and-a-gun."

  7. @Nitrous, ahaha hey trouble. Long time.

    Steve, lol Unfortunately they lack humour about that.

  8. "Define 'weapon', please, officer. I've spent twenty-five years in martial arts training, and the things I can do with, say, that ballpoint pen you've got there don't really bear describing."

    I actually did say something similar to a friendly airport-security johnny in the first, early days of the New Security Theatre. It was a quiet morning in Canberra, and after he cleared my bag, I engaged him in a conversation about what the frock they thought they were really doing -- showed him several unexpected uses for a ballpoint pen, described some creative techniques involving a simple guitar string and so forth.

    He was quite nice about it. Admitted that he honestly didn't really know what good the whole shitty protocols were supposed to be, but that people 'expected something'. So I thanked him, and wished him all the best.

  9. Last time I got pulled over, the officer walked up and stood about 20 degrees to the left of my 6 and one foot back. I wager he had his hand on his gun. A knife would next to useless in this situation and a pen would be...dunno...lunacy? Granted, where I live is much more dangerous than OZ, but it's sort of relative. I mean, I doubt there's lots of Al Qaeda in down there waiting to stab LEOs with ball point pens, so maybe it's more lax.

    BTW, one of the first things I learned when I began to study Tae Kwon Do was to never underestimate your enemy. I've met dozens of ordinary bouncers, cops and security who have black belts and cage fights to boot. It's not just arrogant, it's stupid and dangerous.


  10. Flint, lol.

    Puma, Yeah coppers here are fairly laid back. Highway, not so, and young ones too. Just uptight. I guess understandably so. Yeah, you're right about bouncers and that. They tend to lean towards that job because of their hobbies, and not the other way round.

  11. Next time, just talk funny, pretend to be deaf, and acting like you are trying (unsuccessfully) to read his lips. After 10 min of that, they usually go away.


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