Sunday, 28 November 2010

North Korea

So what do we reckon. Kim Crook bombards a southern island over wargames with the Seppos and deploys SAM's all over the joint. The South are under pressure from within to boot the north in the balls.

Closest we've been to something irreversible for ages. Where to from here?

Seems to me if it's gonna happen you wanna cut the north off from China. What's the consequences with THAT?.


  1. Ahh, this happens every year. NK must be needing food aid and money again. This is their way of reminding the South that it's time to pay what the Russian mafia calls the 'krysha' (roof), or protection fee, for the year.

    If the North were serious about attacking the South, they'd do it by surprise in midwinter, when the rice paddies are frozen and their armored forces aren't confined to roads and chokepoints.

    But-China may be interested in twisting the West's tail a bit to see how we'll react. Might be time for one of our boomer subs to do a missile test-fire in the Sea of Japan-just to remind people that it still can be done.

  2. Ha, yeah, absolutely.You'd think at some stage everyone would get a little over NK?.


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