Sunday, 1 February 2009

SUPERBOWL - The yank footy, not a huge bong

Great game, loved it. It's about the only time we get to watch unless spend the money on it. Loved the hundy yard touchdown just on half time. I bet that's the fartherest furtherest most distance he run in a LONG TIME going by the time it took for him to get up lol.

Bit of a thriller that one. I assume it's the same as here with the history of a team influencing the excitement and significance of a match-up. I'm totally oblivious to that side of it.

Loved the Dorito ad with the 'crystal ball'. Funny.

Thought Bruce Springsteen was gonna have a heart attack.

Nice one.


  1. I actually had the TV on and caught some of it, including that touchdown. Not sure I'm a convert yet.

  2. Not a real sport... but good entertainment...

    Not like cricket or Union

  3. Some of us had to work around here... :(
    One thing the Super Bowl is good for is new movie trailers.
    New Star Trek and Transformers ones out on you tube now !

  4. Didn't see it, but I heard that it was a thriller. I'll pretty much watch any sport - some is usually better than none

  5. They had it on all the plasmas here at work. The entire trading floor shifted from the business/stock market channels to Superbowl. Dunno how the ASX was going during the game but I don't think much was traded.
    Saw the Cardinals come back and then the Steelers last minute win. It was a great Superbowl.

  6. The rule I've always heard (for grammar, not football), is you use "farthest" for distance, and "furthest" for everything else.

    Oh, when I was a sophomore in high school, I dated a boy whose father had retired from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Your daily trivia there.

  7. Yeah it was pretty good, almost as good as last year. Caught the last quarter which was pretty much the good stuff, at least as far as the Cards were concerned.

    Oh yeah and congrmumble mumble ODI win mumble.

  8. Some American snowboarders I met had this Superbowl tradition that involved a water cooler bottle, 4 garden hoses, a big chop up and - well - you mentioned it in your title.

    Same guys had rigged an automatic table tennis ball return system. In a small bedroom they used a shitload of cardboard & tape to build catchers that fed to 2 inch PVC pipe that met at a cardboard hopper which fed into a hair dryrer with a sewing machine pedal. Serve, volley, ball disapears, stand on SM pedal, hairdryer builds up speed and 'thwock' a Ping Pong Ball lands neatly in your hand ready for next serve.

    Funny guys. Too much time on their hands & no little kids.

  9. Yeah, football teams here are influenced by history. The Arizona Cardinals have been nomads - they started out in Chicago, then moved to St. Louis, and have been in Arizona since 1988, I believe. I feel bad for their fans - the owner is a cheap bastard and refuses to spend money on players. They're set to lose a lot of the players that got them to the Super Bowl.

    The Steelers have a very rich tradition, and they're an elite NFL franchise I respect very much.

    I'm a Green Bay Packers fan. The team is owned by the city, not a billionaire owner. They're named the "Packers" because the team started out as just a team a local packaging plant in Green Bay, Wisconsin, started for fun. They got so good they kept growing and growing, and to date they're the only team that survived that isn't in a major market. They also have more championships than any other NFL team, something I'll brag about.

    Six championships for the Steelers is cute. They're halfway to Green Bay's total.

  10. If you're interested, I'll put a link to a Green Bay Packers highlight from 2007 when they were one play away from the Super Bowl. You'll see they have a very special relationship with their fans (they jump into the stands - called a "Lambeau Leap" - whenever they score to celebrate with the fans). And #85, Greg Jennings, is from my hometown of Kalamazoo. Went to high school just down the road from me, the lucky bum.

  11. Here we go Steelers, here we go.

    Wore my Steelers shirt all day today ... collecting on various and sundry bets.

    It was a good day.


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