Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Show Me The Money.

Mr and Mrs average Joe Blow are RE-TARDED if they sit down and think about this 40 odd BILLION bucks our MOST BLESSED Mr Rudd is throwing our way.


How long have we been shafted in the marmite jar by Mr Bigwig?. I've sat here and paid taxes just watching one scrag after another waddle around the local shopping getting ready to pop ANOTHER social vampire out into the world and cop ANOTHER 5 grand for the effort to be spent on a new mobile phone and some Xbox games for the male part of the insemination process.

If we REALLY are looking at being sucked into a depression, I want something out of it before we start plummeting. What I want is that 950 BUCKS.

Battlestations: Pacific comes out on Xbox about then. YES!!!! NEVER thought I was gonna get it.

Show me the money.



  1. What I really wanted was the $30 million Oz Lotto - the bastards!

  2. Turnbull's the blockage in the pipe it seems. Then again as a former Merchant Banker (isn't that rhyming slang?) he can probably afford to fill a swimming pool with XBoxes and piddle all over the lot of them.

  3. mine (if it comes) will have to go on my credit card.
    damn my maturity. damn damn damn.
    but i really should try and be further out of debt when the apocalypse comes

  4. IF it comes through perfect timing, new shockies and front brakes for the family car.
    I have loved reading the feedback in the news today, all the 'haves' saying how 'we' shouldn't be getting it, or don't need it. With their heads rammed so far up their own rear ends, it's a wonder they can even see daylight, let alone just what some people do live on.

  5. Hmm. $950 is enough for a person or family to actually DO something with. The stimulus check I received last year was I believe around $450-500. That can buy some electronics or some smaller appliances (neither one made here) but it isn't really enough to contemplate a major purchase. I put my check in the savings account.

    Now if they spread out the $700 billion the US Govt gave the banks out among all of the taxpayers, you'd see a serious surge in spending.

  6. I'll give you 950 bucks, but you'll have to work for it *wink* lmao

  7. Dr Yobbo ~ V for Vendetta if that fool gets in between me and me thousand bucks. Jokes, ASIO.

    Uamada ~ Dare you to go and blow it on a weekend down the coast. Booze and bitches my friend. You'll feel better, I guarantee.

    Daze ~ Their idea of a 'shockie' is when the lobster tray at the 5 star 'canteen' in parliament runs empty.

    YDog ~ In all honesty it'll give my account a buffer from zero.

    Doll ~ argh manual labour....*groan* lol

  8. If I get anything it will go on the credit card to pay for Christmas (just past unfortunately not the next one)...

  9. Gosh, I haven't had a gov't hand out since the heating assistance doled out a few years back. I don't even bother to apply for the GST rebate or the Ontario Tax Credit. My rent needs to be at least 60% of my income, I guess.

  10. I am not going to be sensible. It is going to be a scotch and cigar led recovery. If that fucking wanker Turnbull delays my next free drink I'll nut the bastard and feed his sorry arse to the blackfish which hang around the old sewerage outfall off Bondi Beach. Stuck up smarmy fucking git that he is. It was him and his greedy bastard mates in investment banks who caused this shit in the first place by investing in bad debt. Cockhead.
    Target - Canberra. Office of the Leader of the Opposition. Ten rounds H.E. Fire for maximum effect. And then switch to the senate and nuke those Family First senators and that single issue Xenaphon prick. Vote 1, Cigar and Scotch Stimulus Package.

  11. Cigar and Scotch Stimulus Package. ROFLMAO. I've always wanted to try a cuban.

    ...Cuban cigar, Lerm, cigar.

    Looks like he IS gonna get in the road of it.

  12. Hey, if they want you to stimulate the economy, may as well be on items which are already taxed to hell - booze and smokes. Gummint wins twice, stimulates the economy and skims the fat off the top. How could anyone complain about that?


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