Thursday, 26 February 2009

Fun With Fundi's.

If you ever wanna fill a day troll the interwebs for Fundamentalist websites.....ANY Fundi websites will do.

Yesterday I picked Youtube. More specifically, a Militant Fundi's. Now, let me get this straight, I don't make fun of anyone......well, not in a insensitive way anyway. The death of anyone isn't a laughing matter, unless they're doing something stupid, like car surfing, or firing an AK47 at a Abram's tank. I mean, what DO YOU THINK'S GONNA HAPPEN?????. Exactly, comedy gold.


  1. Proving that there is no problem a well placed 120mm round can't take care of.

  2. I wasn't expecting that - freaky!

  3. That's quite a return serve they've got there.

  4. Well, that told him I guess.
    Slight over reaction perhaps?

  5. but i'm sure i blew up a tank by just shooting & throwing a lot of grenades at it in BFBC - does this vid indicate that mightn't work in RL

  6. actually that looks like it might have been a FN FAL at one point..all that black and the way the mag looked..and the barrel..
    well it once was a rifle..

  7. AK ~ Yeah, I thought H&K assault rifle as an after thought. Dunno. Hard to tell.

    Lerm ~ lol

    U ~ Dare you to try.

    Daze ~ Not really.

    Bangar ~ LOL Ain't THAT the truth.

    YDog ~ I could think of a thousand things they'd be handy for.

  8. Wow! Would that be a nomination for the Darwin Awards?


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