Saturday, 7 February 2009

Bush fire footage - scary stuff.

New video added as of Monday morning AU time.


  1. those skycranes are cool.

    At the speed the fire was moving,it made me think that someone was using a flamethrower

    speaking of flamers..have you played World At War?..There is a "perk" you unlock when you reach a certain's a multiplayer..
    how's that for cool?

  2. It was pretty windy - maybe his head was on a spring- bobblehead.
    I was watching sky between 2 and 4 this morning and they were doing the whole interview the affected thing and not listening to the responses. It got a bit annoying. One woman from an area close to the fires, phoned in & actually said (paraphrased) "we have been listening to the radio and watching sky news and you refuse to tell us specifically which areas and townships have been affected, the coverage has been awful." The reporters response "Thank you for talking to sky news"
    this is a big one
    Worse than ash wednesday.

  3. U ~ That's what I've been hearing as well. 34 dead now. Tragic.

    Ak ~ The skycranes look like they've got a MASSIVE me. lol

    I had the game for about a month then I got the RROD on the Elite. Still getting fixed. I see Battlefield: 1943 is due out soon and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 possibly at the end of the year as well. 1943 looks cool. Check it on Youtube. Destructible environs with aircraft, bombers, jeeps, anti-aircraft, swords charges I noticed in one shot etc etc.

  4. Make that 49 dead. Two hours later.

  5. A terrible weekend for Australia - so many dead in Vic; a little (5 yo) boy taken by a croc up north; 5 dead in one head-on collision on the Bruce Highway; a couple of people drowned in Ingham. Awful stuff - so many suffering. I feel for my country and its people tonight. So much suffering.

  6. Horrendous eh mate. Amazing the contrasts at either end of the country. Monsoonal flooding to worst fire ever.

    66 dead now.

  7. Looks like Brian Naylor (veteran newsreader) and his wife Moiree have been confirmed dead according to Sky news.


  8. Argh - 84 as I type this. It's too terribly, terribly awful. I don't really know what to say about it at all.

  9. Bloody hell. It's like what they get in Southern California in summer-and California has a good fire service.

    That bit at 1:00 DOES look like a flamethrower!

    90+ dead on the news here. Bad. I suppose there are a lot of people there who live in the boonies, far from help, and the fire overtakes them.

    Meanwhile, the north of Australia looks to be knee deep in water. Perhaps a giant canal north to south?!?

  10. Jesus. That is really horrible, Moko. It is still too early for the apocalypse, isnt it?

  11. This is awful.

    First, I watched the whole thing and that man at the end, I wanted to smack him. How disrespectful, bobblehead loser shouldn't have that job.

    Next, what's the total dead now? Is it starting to get under control? Tragic.

  12. 108 Morph.

    At a guess I'd say a large proportion of the losses could be attributable to people choosing to fight for their houses rather than running. I'm a lot got caught as well.

    I've never seen or heard of anything like it either. We saw a kennel where dogs got caught last night. Horrible.

  13. They've all been found in houses, cars, and trying to get away into the paddocks. Out of the 108 'only' four are kids. That shows they left it late to leave.

    They're expecting the toll to "rise sharply" as they start to gain access to places they couldn't have before.

    "Ash Wednesday" which was the previously most devastating, and famous, had 75 victims.

    It seems most of these fires were deliberately lit.

  14. Incredible!
    108+ now
    It looks like a true firestorm went through Kinglake and Maryville.

    Scary scary stuff. The news report above was obviously before the Kinglake tragedy

  15. It's bad as. Hideous thing for animals, specially hooved animals. The grass catches fire beneath them and melts their feet. Tragedy.

    The air is on fire in a storm like that. The oxygen in the very air itself ignites.

  16. Hughsey is right, whats even worse is that with Gum tree you get the vapour as well as the radiant heat is massive.

    Its worth a note guys that some places were getting ember attacks at 20kms. Now if you have EVER had the misfortune of being in one its not good, fucking downright scary. Imagine a windy Autumn day with leaves blowing all around and they are ALL on fire. That’s setting other shit alight as it touches down, including you, blistering hot air, choking you with smoke, stinging eyes and FA visibility.

    THEN try and fight the fucker or look after your family. 10 km is covered pretty quickly with gale force winds, some decisions have been paid for with the Ultimate price and some were just plain unlucky.

  17. I'm glad it's something I haven't experienced. You'd hope they'd do some sort study that outlines the causes of death - ie: decisions, flora etc.

  18. Some of the footage showed one fire actually flowing up hill like a river while the gum trees were 'crowning' overhead. I think people were simply caught out by the speed of the thing. Horrendous.
    Time to pitch in.

  19. Just got that too mate.

  20. Just for interest.

    Current threats:

  21. 130...
    fuck! It just keeps rising!!

  22. 10 more towns under threat.

    Just added new video in the main post.

  23. A bit late here with a comment but, holy shit. Mick made a comment in response to my bitching about the cold here in Nebraska, on my blog yesterday. I replied that it can't get too hot for me. I have to say, this is beyond even my reptilian ways. A platitude for sure, but stay safe dudes. Wish I could send some snow your way.


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