Monday, 16 February 2009

Japanese Finance Minister Shitfaced.

This why I've got a soft spot for the Japanese. Check out the dude to his right, cool as a cucumber.

Why they didn't pull an Emergency Migraine and not let him up there we'll never know. Maybe he was being assassinated politically.


  1. Darn. What is this boy on? Even more important where can we get it? I got a ten year olds birthday party coming up and I am desperate.

  2. Maybe he's not drunk, just very very tired, what with the GFC and all.

  3. Can you imagine if that happened here. OH crap we would have expose's and coronial enquiries, all because they pulled a late night press conference.
    (saw your little stoush over on JB's - SFM is a like watching a fucking car crash when he goes off. It's just so weird)

  4. It'd be more fun if I knew Japanese, but I bet his talk goes like this...

    (slurring) 'Hey! Hey, listen, man, listen. OK. I love you, man!'

  5. Daze ~ Sake would be my guess. Horrible shit tho.

    Abe ~ Very very VERY tired. lol. They wish.

    U ~ I think the prick's a nutter. I had a lot of respect for him, then came the election. Just fucking weird. Threatening to kill Gitmo inmates cause someone decided to place them on the mainland?. Jesus, it was his hero that created them.

    YDog ~ If only he started singing. If only. lmao

  6. "pull an Emergency Migraine"

    where's faymow? :P


  7. I've known a lot of Japanese and the ones I've known are all like that. They don't blink an eye.

  8. Nothing is weird or strange to the Japanese. If they haven't done it, they've seen it :-)

  9. I reckon if you had to sit through a G7 financial summit press conference you'd have given the Asahis and the sake a thermonuclear belting as well.

  10. Man I love the fucking Japanese, they have zero pun intended with the zero.


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