Tuesday, 10 February 2009

My Youtube channel offer.

I had an offer on my Youtube channel the other day. At first I was aghast, then perplexed, then STOKED.

The initial offer was US$200. I laughed. After all the hours of dicking about with the video camera, editing, adding audio, and making an arse of myself.....TWO.HUNDY??????.

I wrote back going, and I quote, "Pffffffft".

They wrote back and said that I clearly was looking for more than they were willing to offer but they could cough up 300 bucks.

Just to clarify, one of 'my vids' has had a fraction under 2 million views, and gets a coupla thousand a day. I've got some more with tens of thousands. It's good for advertising.

I thought about for a coupla hours then thought "fuck it". I'd say I put a full weeks work into it over the last couple of years. Average wage. Alright buddy, US$500 and she's yours.

They are VERY quietly chewing it over.........I think. Haven't heard back. Maybe they're saving. lol


  1. People buy youtube channels?

    You learn something every day.

  2. WOW, 2 million views.

    damn straight thats a big chunk of potential consumers to advertise to.

  3. SHEEEEIT, Not bad. What was the vid XXX?..lol

  4. For a minute i thought you were tlaking about some sort of kiwi porn!!

  5. Ya wouldn't wanna see my arse bouncing around.

  6. I can undertsand that, thought it was someone paying you to remove the site!!!!

  7. OK, Ill bite. A metalstorm mortar?


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