Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Death Proof (movie)

I think Barnesm mentioned Death Proof was released in conjunction with Planet Terror - see trailer in previous entry. I hadn't seen Death Proof either. I think because of the vibe he's been giving off in the last 4 or 5 years with the Manga - spaghetti western - 'samurai' blood fest splatter shock movies that seemed to be veering off into the scrub of weirdness.

Having just finished reading his bio tho, there's nothing there that I didn't really like. I'm not really a QT junkie but Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown are all in my top 20 of best movies made. I think Death Proof almost made it. It would've if it wasn't for the 'dead water' in the middle. I think that 'dead water' is assumption of the story line. So, my bad there.

The ending though, is in my top five of best endings.

Watch it, you'll like it.


  1. Have you watched Dusk Til Dawn? If not great movie give it a try.

  2. I am most definately a QT junkie and I enjoyed Death Proof though certainly not one of his best. The Kill Bill series blew me away - loved them.

    Trivia: I see the chick in Death Proof is Uma's stunt double in KB I and II. Zoe someone or other.

    I am confused could you not be a big fan when 3 of his movies are in your top 20?

  3. Yeah I enjoyed Planet Terror more, but it has zombies.

    Death Proof would be so much better if it had zombies.

    It's good, but zombies would make it better.

  4. Lou ~ I'm a fan, really, just not a total freak for his stuff like some. And it's the movies I like, just not the fact that he did them.

    IF they had Ninja's and Zombies, B, we'd have the perfect movie. lol

    Yeah, liked Dusk Till Dawn. Was a good one. Second one was a fraction average.

  5. Moko that's the kindest thing anyone has ever said about it, and I liked Hudson Hawk.


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