Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A Matter Of Justice: Part Deux

I've figured out what I wanna do for that course project. Now I've gotta get it past the others - whoever that might be - that I've gotta do it with.

The vibe is people associating with gangs. From youth packs to organised crime as adults. And trying to figure out who does it and why. At a glance I'm guessing it's people who feel disassociated in some way identifying with a group dynamic to belong to something.

It'll be interesting to find a difference between cultural gangs - like the Lebanese, Asian, Islanders, Anglo's, Eastern European, from an immigrant cultural POV to individuals finding somewhere to belong.

Lotsa friends of mine from school ended up in gangs. Some best mates ended up as 'enemies' as a result.

Wish me luck. Gonna have to fight for it.


  1. Moko, you walk in with half the work done on such a great topic idea I can't see anyone complaining.

    Good luck with the project.

  2. off topic for a mo..
    Thanks for putting me onto Mafia wars!
    great fun! (level 19 now)
    I sent you an energy pack so get to it soldier!

  3. lol I hate facebook. But that app piqued my interest. I've gotta get back and check it out good and proper.

  4. Lots of good FB apps now, I'm addicted again, Mob Wars this time. Project topic sounds like something to really get your teeth into. Keep us posted about how you're going - be interesting to see what you come up with. You might do a video blog perhaps (if you still have YouTube channel)?

  5. That would be a pretty interesting topic - good luck with the fight

  6. Don't forget about the motorcycle gangs either.

  7. lol That's about all there are. What about Grey Power, the travelling nomads?. lol

  8. Don't forget Mums With Big Fucking Strollers Three Abreast Across The Footpath? I'm sure they've received training in manouvering armoured vehicles.
    Get at it Moko, good luck!


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