Tuesday, 10 February 2009

All righty then...

Blocked from Blunty, really?.

My replies aren't being published. Bit harsh. I'm assuming it's a unintentional spam issue....that's repeated.


  1. You are just a very naughty boy!

  2. Oh dude you have just given me the biggest laugh in ages.
    you know the boss wasn't running this one - it would have been some BT computer peon


  3. I know others have lost shit in the spam filter before and there's much less comments than usual so I assume it's that. And yeah, the boss ain't running it.

    ...but I get blocked from shit regularly for being an opinionated twat and pissing people off. It's one of my talents. lol

    I can juggle too.

  4. Moko, look at it this way; sarcasm is a gift, and you've been blessed my friend! LOL

  5. What have you done?
    You should be smacked on the bottom. At least until you stop enjoying it.

  6. I posted a BT entry yesterday that didn't appear for hours and I assumed it had dissapeared in the ether.

    To my suprise it appeared about 12 hours later but roughly where it would have appeared if it had been posted. So other postings before and after it that I had read hours earlier but not seeing my entry.


    I see you have an entry for the bushfire blunty around 24 posts down. Is this the one?

    "I think it's important to watch the footage. I think it's important to see and acknowledge the horror of the stories......"

  7. B ~ That's it!. Now I must dash and bask in the glow of my awesome.

    Please note the benefit of the doubt I posted. lmao.

  8. Birmo whipped his undies to the out side of his duds and saved the day.


  9. You get the Virty award for the day. Celebrate by talking in rambling lowercase in all your posts.

    Have fallen into the BT spam trap myself, pretty embarrassing when you post afterwards recapitulating the contents of the first post only for it to surface about 12 hours ago as Barnesm has related. They've clearly got the B Team in place in the absence of the boss.

  10. Yep, yep, yep. I've experienced that. Make the comment...poof. I thought it was some blog ether thing.


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