Friday, 20 February 2009

Goat Suspected Of Armed Robbery

This one is for Al.

POLICE in Nigeria are holding a goat on suspicion of attempted armed robbery.

Vigilantes took the black and white beast to the police saying it was an armed robber who had used black magic to transform himself into a goat to escape arrest after trying to steal a Mazda 323.

"The group of vigilante men came to report that while they were on patrol they saw some hoodlums attempting to rob a car. They pursued them. However one of them escaped while the other turned into a goat," Kwara state police spokesman Tunde Mohammed told Reuters by telephone.

"We cannot confirm the story, but the goat is in our custody. We cannot base our information on something mystical. It is something that has to be proved scientifically, that a human being turned into a goat," he said.

Belief in witchcraft is widespread in parts of Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation. Residents came to the police station to see the goat, photographed in one national newspaper on its knees next to a pile of straw.

~ Reuters

If only Tony Mokbel had thought of that he wouldn't have had to wear that stupid hair piece. See, money CAN'T buy you everything.


  1. Just goes to show - all cultures really are equal!

  2. Is that what you're out there Moko, providing a safe haven for escaped Nigerian armed robbers. Dwarf Nigerian escaped armed robbers.

  3. Well that does it. I am never trusting goats again, sheep either, maybe chooks as well.
    And as for that wild magpie I hand feed? History.

  4. Mmmm ... curried armed robber.

  5. Armed robber SAUSAGES!!!.

    Daze ~ You haven't seen the Zombie goat yet!. If the magpie's eyes turn red, kill it.

    U ~ Yes....shhhh!.

    Lerm ~ Not wrong.

  6. I read this story and thought: Nah! Moko wouldn't be breeding Robber Goats. Pirate Goats maybe... Then I remembered seeing a black and white Goat on his videos... the black and white Zombie Goat... and it all fell into place.

    If you look at the videos you you see the Zombie Goat or you see Moko but you never see them together. Just saying that's all...


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